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RealSpace Models - UK stockist?

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Unfortunatley, I'm 99% sure there isn't one. I also believe Glenn makes to order these days as well.


Shipping to and from the US went through the roof about 10 years back, when surface mail was discontinued and the respective postal services turned to volumemetric charging and they have never looked back since.



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On 1/13/2020 at 1:29 PM, Michael Morris said:


I hesitated as I found that they charge $18 for shipping.  Does anyone know of any UK stockists?



So out of interest, i stuck your recovery scene together with a couple of kits i would be interested in (1/144 Redstone and Titan), and shipping only went up slightly, to $26. 

As per the January normal, my cash-flow and spending habits have had to be curtailed quite a bit, but if you wanted to order together and split the package up once it hits UK soil, i would be agreeable to that.



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