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Melchies quiet time

general melchett

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Hi everyone. This year's been relatively quiet, model wise as I've been a tad busy with other projects, including different magazine articles, (including the AMW Real Space Special) and learning resin casting, 3D printing and CAD design has taken up most of my time, (especially at my age!) and consequently the few models finished this year were all of which were destined for Airfix Model World magazine.


Have a very happy and prosperous New Year everyone.


Cheers :cheers:






First out of the traps was Eduard's 1/72nd MiG-21MF finished as a Polish machine.









Next, 1/72nd Airfix's A-4B remodeled as an Argentinian A-4C operating from San Julian in 1982.











Something a bit unusual in the form of Freightdog's lovely little 1/72nd Supermarine Type 427 'Shrew'.









 Back to my favorite scale and subject, Soviet heavy metal,  Bobcat's 1/48th Yak-28P Firebar.










Test-shot of the lovely new Airfix Buccaneer S.2C, very much looking forward to the S.2B...










Finally, I spent a lot of time working on six space vehicles, including these on the cover, for the recently published AMW 'Real Space' special...a lot of fun, time-consuming, but fun. For anyone interested, images to follow in the Space and Sci-fi section soon.











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Blimey, you've achieved in a 'quiet year' more than I have over several busy ones!


Superb clean builds, really like the MiG-21 and the Yak-28, looking forward to building the 'Brewer' release.

Is the Buccaneer an out of the box build?  

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Thanks Chally, appreciated. I usually manage a few more of my own but last year was a bit manic with various new projects on the go, especially with shifting more towards manufacturing than actual model making. Even though I've still got a backlog of builds to complete for AMW, which I'm gradually working through, most of my time is concentrated on experimenting with high-quality resin casting, (I'm very fortunate in knowing many folks in the business and being given access to commercial know-how and equipment). I'm also busy learning CAD design and professional 3D printing which, hopefully, will benefit modellers in the not-too-distant future. It's a lot of fun and something I've wanted to do for a long time.


The Bucc is out of the box, (with the exception of an extra pair of 2" rocket pods supplied by Airfix for the build). All Airfix initial release test shots for the magazine are to be built OOB, basically, to show what's on offer, subsequent releases are a different matter, where most aftermarket is supplied for the article, again to highlight what's available. 

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So that's where you've been. The forum was not quite the same without you, and I'm sure I saw tumbleweeds blowing through Waddo.

I particularly liked the Firebar, and will look for more info on the Shrew. I look forward to seeing you in the Space forums.

Regards, Pete

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Thanks Pete, I'm still loitering with intent. It's been a manic couple of months but I'll make a concerted effort to rejoin the fray.


 I'm sure I saw tumbleweeds blowing through Waddo.

Probably true, there's no stopping those Kaatsheuvel brothers once they get going on their Shisha pipes loaded with Dutch hubbly-bubbly. 


Glad you like the old Firebar, along with the Blinder, my favourite Soviet types, both look like they're doing Mach 1 just sitting on the tarmac. The Shrew's an interesting type too, well worth swatting up on, would have made an impressive PR aircraft had things been different, (how many times have we said that!)  I'll definitely show my face more on the space forums as I have several ongoing projects that folks may be interested in, including a 1/144th Energia/Polyus combo, which will be a beast, a couple of Horizon Atlas's and several early Saturn 1 test vehicles, courtesy of Martin at Martins Models.

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Thanks Richard, that's very kind of you, as I mentioned earlier, hopefully I'll have time to get a few of my own out this year, including finishing the 1/24th Buccaneer and 1/48th Vulcan. I'm hoping my new-found resin skills will help with both of these monsters, just have to see how things go... 

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