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Another Hybrid Horse


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The high back P-51 was my first foray into 1/72 'plastic surgery', and it may be time for another. I came across an old Revell/Monogram P-51B kit at a semi-LHS last weekend for 3.99 USD, and a similarly low priced Airfix P-51D, and decided I should attempt a hybrid suggested by @Bedders in his own Hasegawa/KP hybrid P-51B thread.


You may be wondering what's wrong with just building a P-51B from the Monogram kit itself, and the answer is: nothing at all - one of the best builds I've ever seen was from the Monogram kit. The main reason for this attempt is that I think it will be fun, and correct a few shape issues with the Revell/Monogram fuselage along the way.



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20 hours ago, gingerbob said:

Are you making the first bubble-canopy testbed, which was a B airframe? 

That would be a really good idea Bob, and now I'm tempted dang it, but the intention is for a high-back P-51B/C.


The two kits match up very nicely, but I'll have to fabricate the wheel well roof as it is part of the fuselage on the Monogram kit. This pic also shows how much further forward the P-51D wing leading edges meet the fuselage.



First, to remove the fin fillet, thanks to @theplasticsurgeon himself, for documenting his technique.



The Airfix flaps even fit nicely on the Monogram wing.



The P-51D windshield and coaming are angled forward, while those on the B/C sit perpendicular to the fuselage, so I included the coaming with the high back section to be added to the Airfix fuselage.


I really wish I had @Bedders laser fingers right now, even if they do make it difficult to eat a sandwich.

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OK, ready for a test fit of the high back.


I still have to do the section just ahead of the tail - the panel lines change right there.


I started adding the wing spars too - just from plasticard. The worn out notches behind them are for the tabs on the Airfix flaps.



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Thanks for coming along everybody and for the encouraging comments.


I finally decided it was time to try and attach the high back to the Airfix fuselage.



I had to chop off the top of the seat and file down the instrument panel to get them to fit in the new hybrid fuselage.


Threw a couple shims into the most egregious seams.



After a little clean up, it's actually starting to look like a P-51B/C.



I tried scribing the Revell/Monogram high back by following the raised panel lines, but my scriber kept jumping from one side of the raised line to the next and they ended up pretty wavy (I miss my INCIDO), so they need to be cleaned up. Also, the seams need a little more filling and sanding.

It's not the easiest way to a high back Mustang, but very enjoyable so far.

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Looking very nice after "transplantation" - I wouldn't be so brave to do this kind of surgery.

You sanded down now all those raised panel lines? I think it would be the best way to go for proper rescribing.




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