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Airfix 1/24 Scale Spitfire Disaster Zone.

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Hi Lads,


Not a great start to 2020, sitting on the S.O.D for ages and I decided to hell with it lets finish the buggar and this happens ,so many times now I I am at the point of just making stuff that does not need masking or has just one colour. How am I gonna fix this besides flinging it at the wall? Masking peeled off top and the tail planes coats when removed post paint drying. Xtra colour was used over holts Grey primer.


Since I moved out to my Porta cabin I think the Damp air affects the paint grab. I dunno. Never happened in the house when I had me own room. probably 20 years before the eldest pisses off to her own gaf so I should get me room back or build a bricks and mortor job.


49358433251_485f939e99_k.jpg604_0484 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr


49358433496_ccea369c15_k.jpg604_0483 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr


49357906463_6a57b374c1_k.jpg604_0485 by Georgeconna32, on Flic





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I’ve had similar problems in the past but found sealing with Klear before masking prevents peel so that’s what I do now religiously. Hope you get it sorted as it looks superb :)


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Just a suggestion, but perhaps painting some aluminum paint over the peeled areas and softening the edges with dabbing with a sponge, could be some very effective weathering and paint stripping through an arduous life time of shooting down zee Germans?



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Posted (edited)

Sorry Folk, Lost this in the Mist of Time. Masked with blue tack and Mask ol.  Paint pulled off Surprisingly easy.


Looks like this now so all's not lost, chin up and all that!


49939439842_5f01d914d9_k.jpg[/url]610_1038 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr



610_1038 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr


49938623508_ca23ef5025_k.jpg610_1039 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr


49939438667_d8cdf9151f_k.jpg610_1040 by Georgeconna32, on Flickr


forgive the State of the Bench, I'll get around to it soon!



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Glad you decided to carry on with this, good recovery, it is looking lovely.

Great work.

All the best


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