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English Electric Lightning, Airfix 1/72 - A Man Straped to a Pair of Engines

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As I'm waiting for masks and decals for my Airfix Victor I started an Airfix 1/72 English Electric Lightning that I have in the stash. I think the description of a man strapped to a pair of engines is quite accurate for this aircraft.

This it also part of an Instagram cold war jets group build which is why I decided to do a lighting. Might as well also post my progress here.








The model comes on four light grey sprues and one clear sprue. A lot of the parts have very heavy injector pin marks that must be removed or the model will never fit together. Mildly annoying but manageable.

I'll be using the scheme on the box, XN781 in dark green over silver. The other scheme, XN793 in silver and blue, is the same airframe as is in the starter set which features the Lightning (I also have a set of decals from that) in a similar scheme to what I'll be doing- green over silver. 


I assembled the intake, I didn't paint the inside as I'll be adding the intake cover; building V Bombers really makes you not want to do intakes. 


Next I assembled the winds. The plan is to build and paint the wings separately before bringing them together with the fuselage which will also be completed first. 


Injector pin marks.........



Them all clipped off and sanded down, the wings went together decently well.


Then I decided I would make this a bit more interesting (a lightning is already pretty interesting as it is anyway).  Repositioning the control surfaces. 

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Just now, delticfan said:

Watch out cos the intake fit into the body is poor, I had to do a bit of surgery there.

Just took out the huuuuuge pin marks and it fits ok on dry fitting

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It's an nice kit. But check the fit of the wing against the right fuselage part. I noticed that my kit had an small shape error behind the cockpit in front of the wingmount. I found out that it was because the mould and ejector pins. There is an ejector pin mark just at the inside of the fuselage part on that spot. It can be corrected if one notice it before gluing the fuselage parts toghether...


Following with interest!


Cheers / André

Edited by Andre B
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11 minutes ago, tweeky said:

When parked the lightning's control surfaces were as Airfix moulded them Flaps were also in the up positions also the flaps had two positions up and down.  

I know, rule of cool just like my Victor which has airbrakes open, door open and flaps down

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