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More wascally Webs

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A pre Christmas shopping expedition with SWMBO to Sheffield allowed me  10 minutes  in the local wargames shop, nothing grabbed my attention but an upcoming New Year game of ACW meant I ended up with  a box of Perry Rebs. 


With a  bit of padding with a couple of metals will give me 3 regiments, the first is now finished along with the Brigade command base. 




I'm planning a new Napoleonic force for a potential demonstration game at various local wargames show, Just need to get paid after Christmas.

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Great looking troop of Confederate soldiers,like the picket fence Vignette,The figures posture looks like they are marching against a gale force wind or are they doing the quick march ?,I have some North and South Perry figures that have a more upright stance,just being nosy,I can not remember what set I bought to far back,and as each year paces the grey cells get more clouded,

Cheers Jim. 

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