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All quiet on the Western Front.....unless you're Lord Flashheart...... Revells Sopwith Camel F.1

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Looking  good.


WnW call out a 2:1 mix of XF62 to XF 10 flat brown for the upper surfaces. I think it comes out a bit too brown,so went fro 3:1. As the mixes were not too tightly controlled there is a good degree of artistic interpretation you can apply

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Cheers @Yeoman1942 


There are so many paint schemes and variants that it would almost impossible to get the exact one. I light brown/green wash may help with the hemp weathering on the upper surfaces?


Long way off that though :)

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I have just checked on youtube and a search of Scale a ton sopwith snipe brings up a series of 6 build logs. I watched them all before I built my camel, so not sure which one covers the exterior paint technique. If your short on time I’d plump for a start at 3 and adjust from there. 

I like his videos as they show you paint mixes and pressures as well as close ups of applying paint. 

hope this helps

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  • 2 weeks later...

Right then!!! 


Some of you may think I have been a bit missing on this build, but Ha, Alas I have returned! The truth of the matter is that the war room, aka the spare room to which the fantastic flying machines are made....was re-decorated.....there was some minor resistance between myself and the good lady of the house....but we compromised and we decorated the room....Anyways...on with the show! 


The seem lines were sorted and straightened out before the cockpit cover was positioned and set into place.....the rear of the twin Vickers machine guns were put into their place only for the control panel to come loose again.....




Fitment is a little hazy, but thankfully the natural panel lines of the fuselage actually manages to hid any issues




Due to the size of the air craft, I think I will be lightly bush painting the Camel, so far the under wings seem to have come out rather well.....word of caution....the flap cabel linkages are an absolute pain and super tiny....I lost them 5 time on my cutting board...a little bit of light weathering will bring our the detail on the wings...but that will be later on.




With a little bit of adjustment and several dry fit, the lower wings were sat in place. In order to do this though the engine had to be very carefully removed and then sat back in place.

Have to admit, the wing span for such a short air craft is remarkably long.




Engine cowling attached




As previously mentioned, there are a few small panel gaps, but I think these can easily be disguised with paint and the rigging lines....




One think I did notice as all parts dried...the Vickers guns are now slightly on the p*ss with a slight 5° lean to the left....should be OK to fix...I think?


Right then....enjoy! WOOF!!







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So the old girl got a lick of paint last night...and damn she's looking as glorious as a Pvt. balancing a slug on their top lip.......attempting to be the worst Charlie Chaplin impressionist on the Western Front!


I've decided to go with No. 73 Squadron for the paint scheme as well. It offered a nice contrast of the fuselage.


As mentioned before, this is a brush paint job, and its starting to show the huge differences from rattle can paint finish. I hope that once everything is contructed and slightly weathered, that the brush strokes will be disguised slightly.




Light Sea Grey on the fuselage and aluminum on the engine cowling is pretty much the core of the colour scheme for 73. Squadron.




As you can see from the dorsal view, the twin Vickers machine guns seems to have settled into a position to the left.....Unfortunately it is quite impossible to straighten them without causing serious issues with the control panel falling off inside the cockpit.....hmmmmm problem..




The wing struts will be next as well as the tail before the task of rigging. and detailing around the cockpit.




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What glue are you using? In my experience applying a strictly limited amount of extra thin and aggressive glue such as MEK can soften the plastic enough to allow some adjustments. Might be enough to make your lefty guns straighten up and fly right.

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Cheers @Col. I'm using Tamiyas extra thin liquid poly glue.


Seems to give a lot more control over where it goes.


I'll give it a try though, and hopefully will often the plastic enough to straighten the twins up.


Not much happening this weekend as Storm Ciara kicked up a fus as caused some water leakage in the lean-too.....all sorted now though :) 

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Morning all!


I tried your suggestion @Col. with using some thin liquid poly to loosen the guns and re-position....I managed successfully to do this with the port gun, though the starboard gun was stuck fast and just would not budge. So I think I'll just have to make do and try and straighten it when the rest of the guns are placed in situ, I also tried to weather up the oil and fuel caps to show a little spillage, but Ithink I need to work on this a little more.



I also thought it may be a good idea to start the decalling for the underside of the lower wings prior to rigging to make sure they were settled and fully dried.


It would seem that these particular decals do not like Humbrol's decal fix as they a) took and age to be released from their backing paper, & b) they did not want to settle at all initially



I also noticed that the decal fix really does not like Tamiya's water based paints.....I can only surmise that the solvents in the decal fix are not reacting well to the paint and act like a paint stripper.....handy to know...YOu can see what I mean bu the wrinkling and the decal not wanting to settle down




The paint issue was easily sorted with some touch up paint and blended back into the wing.


After checking this morning before heading out to work, the decals have settled down well now they have dried out. I think I may just use water to soak the decals and then apply decal fix afterward to soften the film further to sit into the recesses. 


Anyways....more tonight and how to figure out the rigging and tail plane......hopefully....






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Liking the build so far, the pc10 looks good to me, I always suspect it should be more brown than green owing to the fact that the Germans nicknamed the RFC the sparrows. I've never seen a green sparrow.


Edited by Marklo
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Whilst the good lady pf the house was out getting thoroughly lubricated for a friends birthday....I retired to the workbench for an evening with the Camel.


Time seems to have flown past with not a great deal achieved last night. Main point was to clean up the decals and complete the Roundels. They seem to have settled down well too.




There's a little bit of silvering going on with the decals which I hope i can settle down with a matt coat of lacquer...any advice or tips on which is the best to use that will not react with Tamiya paint will be most appreciated. You can also see the touch up made to the wing after the decal fix decided to strip the paint from the wing.




Last but not least, the upper wing surface was painted up and left to dry along with the support pylon struts.




That's it for this installment....She'll be ready for zee Greatest living German!



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Whilst Dennis was deciding to blow a hooli out side and pretty much flood everywhere last night....a little more progress was made.



The tail has begun construction along with the support struts for the upper wing....cleverly held in place by 2 pots of paint...




Trying to keep the symmetrical, level and in place has been a little tricky but i think they are sorted now. The inner support strut are next once they are dry and secure. 




The twin Vicker's are now in place, and as suspected, the Starboard gun is out of shape. Done my best to keep it as straight as possible. but alas...looks crap....



The rudder section was next up with attaching the decal....turns out that the decal is about 3% too big and over laps the edge quite a bit. I'll let it dry before trimming it to size and applying the rest of the registry number. 




The last bit of fun last night was applying the upper wing decals. letting them dry and settle over night.





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Wonky gun seems to be OK so far.....but the problem now lays in the attachment of the upper wing....hmmmm


I spent pretty much the majority of Friday evening decalling and arranging this support struts for the upper wing.


The decals seem to have gone quite well.




The starboard wing struts don't seem to be aligning up as best I can...a little droopiness it would seem? 




I have also noticed that the tail and rudder are ridiculously fragile...breath on it and it falls off.....




I think the struts may need to be re-set and glued into place very carefully again.


I may also need to attach the upper wing before any rigging is attempted.....which will be fun...









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