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"Think Tank" Toons MENG Soviet Heavy tank KV-2 RFI

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MENG Soviet Heavy tank KV-2

RFI (at last)😍


Hello everyone, I built this a while ago now, the WIP can be found HERE it was a test for weathering and mud techniques. It was a fun build and I have bought a few more of these kits. It was a quick build that went wrong in places but ended up rather pleasing. I also built a little hill out of Oasis to stand it on.


Meng kit

Tamiya acrylic paints

AK heavy muddy weathering set.

extreme weathered vehicles (squared)


I didn't get around to an RFI so while I was tying up last years loose ends I decided to roll her out for one final hurrah.  Hope you like it.


Johnny. 😀


49335016216_b758051112_b.jpg 49334547953_ec0cefe731_b.jpg 49335013936_84c427a5d3_b.jpg 49335226697_5f10976687_b.jpg 49335014901_92b2654b72_b.jpg 49334546348_b3739da025_b.jpg 49335014036_06724c5bbc_b.jpg 49334548258_a80f8bcc6a_b.jpg 49335013701_d7528924cd_b.jpg 49335013636_ed27ceaef5_b.jpg 49335228457_fb2b476f2c_b.jpg 49335228072_5759839fab_b.jpg 49335227657_7d264f8979_b.jpg 49334544808_4116061a58_b.jpg 49335226837_e2b0760d9d_b.jpg


49334546998_81c1959bbd_b.jpg 49334544268_c00652dc1c_b.jpg 49335011901_33f40cf27b_b.jpg 49334546233_3e833b6114_b.jpg



So There you go. :)

Hope you like it.   Happy new year you lot.





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20 hours ago, Ozzy said:

Nice job Johnny,

Thanks. 😍

6 hours ago, giemme said:

Fun all round, was it J? :winkgrin: :clap:



Yes indeed. I loved building this. 🤩 
I looked and I think I picked up more than I thought. They were about £3 £4 pounds each when Ian Allen went bust.

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