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Rabbit Leaders 5 to 1 'Start to Finish' build ratio!

Rabbit Leader

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Another year has quickly elapsed and although I've probably invested more time on the modelling workbench than ever, my final dismal tally of just three completions is a sorry reflection of that investment. I must have worked on the best part of fifteen kits, so that makes it a 5 to 1 Start to Finish ratio. On the bright side, I only have to finish four kits this year and I've topped 2019's output! 


First up is Tamiya's old but still serviceable 1/48 P-51D Mustang. Built almost OOB, save for the smallest of modifications to the gunsight and a one piece canopy stolen from the new Airfix kit. The kit represents the first Australian produced CA-17 Mustang fresh from the factory workshop. Paints used were Tamiya's AS-12 for the 'painted' wings and two shades of AK Interactive's Extreme metal for the shiner bits. 








Next up was a fun build as part of the Frog Squad GB. Frog's Gloster Whittle is an odd creature where it's wings span out to 1/72 scale, however the kits fuselage is more closer to 1/63! The best way I thought I could correct things was to increase each wing to somehow match the fuse. I took great pleasure in taking to it with a hacksaw, adding layers of thick plastic card and smearing all the joins with copious amounts of CA. A few hours were spent sanding these wing monstrosities away until they shaped up to look something like the real thing. It's certainly not 100% accurate, however it looks a little better than what Frog provide.










And last, another Frog Squad GB build, but this time a little more serious. The Frog Canberra B(I)8 modelled as an RNZAF B(I)12 as operated during the Indonesian Confrontation.  Replacement Bomb Bay and undercarriage doors came from the equally ancient Airfix Canberra, HPM resin engine intakes and some old resin main wheels from Pete's models.  The enclosed wheel wells were also scratch built with plastic card & strip. The kit parts were badly warped so that made the whole building process tough going. Overall a long build however one that I consider quite rewarding and pleasing to the eye whenever I view it. 


Cheers and I hope to better this output at least three times over in 2020.

Wish me luck.. Dave 












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Just came across this,.... what an excellent selection and all top quality,.... nice one Dave,..... I especially like the Canberra.




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