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Rookie Mistake - Accurate Armour Tracks

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I've just built the Tamiya Challenger (and what a lovely kit it is to build!).  OOB it has the usual plastic/rubber tracks so I decided to use some accurate Armour resin tracks (the same configuration as the Chieftain).  Not knowing any better, I just snapped the track off from the sprues, thinking there was going to be a natural break at the edge.  Unfortunately, NO THERE ISN'T - so I now have all of joined tracks with the ends missing (the "metal" part of the track).  GUTTED!


I've tried supergluing the two pieces together, but there is so little to push against it just won't stick.


Moral of this story?  Remove AA tracks from their sprues using the correct tool.  (I don't think nippers will do as it will either compress the ends of the tracks if used one way; or cut too far away from the sprue if used the other).


I COULD still use them if the damaged sides were placed towards the inside and heavily weathered - but...


Hey ho!  Happy New Year everyone!


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Have you tried pinning those ends together?, as you say, butt joint will never work.  Drill small hole into ends, push relative wire into those holes, then Butt joint them together, much stronger than the resin.  Having said that, why not buy after market replacement tracks like these?





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Thanks rayprit - they are the old chieftain-style tracks.  I've found these, which might do:




They do cost more than the actual kit did though...


ALSO - I had a "Doh!" thinking I could use them by keeping the damaged edges to the inside - this would, of course, mean that one set of tracks would have to be facing the wrong way round.  At least I didn't make the sets up only to find out when it's too late!

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Challenger 1 tracks are wider than Chieftain I do believe you will find!
Do they actually fit the sprocket?

Friulmodell and R- model do Chally tracks.

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