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Question / Help from our Naval guru's.....

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Between the wars, lots of Naval aircraft were assigned to "Ships Flights". I'm curious to know if these Flights had a parent squadron and if so, how would I go about

finding the squadron's identity? Info is to satisfy my curiosity and to help with a fuller understanding for an upcoming build. Any pointers would be gratefully received.


Thanks awfully.....

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Between 1923 and 1933 FAA units were organised in flights in the 400 series. There were no squadrons. In 1933 these were amalgamated into squadrons in the 800 series except for catapult flights on capital ships and cruisers which continued to exist until 1936 when they merged into 700 series squadrons.


There are brief histories of these flights in “Squadrons and Units of the Fleet Air Arm” over 3 pages. Comprehensive histories can be found in “Fleet Air Arm, Units and Ships 1920 to 1939” published by Air Britain back in 1998, if you can track down a copy.

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