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Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 22a (Tamiya 1/48)

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As new year has started, so I've started a new kit. Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 22a with classic wingspan and long-barrelled 20mm guns. Here goes the artbox:




Markings chosen by me is dark green over grey-green airplane stationed at Boungainville in 1943. I have assembled the cockpit, perhaps too fast what will make painting it a more troublesome. But not so much honestly as most of it is in interior green with some black equipment, mostly on the cockpit walls.




Fit is awesome, but this is Tamiya's quite new kit. New tool was released on 2008. More to come.



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Outstanding cockpit so far!


The detail seems far far superior to the A6M2 1/48 I built from Tamiya too.


Have you decided on which colour scheme you'll be going with yet? or sticking with the box art?

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this is a really nice kit, the only "problem" and it wasn't much of one, I had was with the foldable wing tips, I had mine "flat" and didn't quite line up without some prodding 


looking good so far



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5 minutes ago, coolhand said:


Looking great so far. Didn't forget to paint the rear of the nose mounted machine guns black/gunmetal



Thanks Andy,

Besides painting I will open the muzzle, which may be a bit tricky as the part is quite microscopic.

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All my builds have been derailed by a knee injury, but I'm trying to do something.
The underside is done. Painted with XF-76 followed by two lighter shades of the base colour and touch of flat brown patterned with airbrush stencil. On top of that blending coat of base colour. Tomorrow topside.


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With some hurdles the model is finished. I had to mask and paint hinomarus. Only missing marking part are two yellow chevrons before the tail - there were beyond my patience and my masking tape...



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