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F-16D Test Jet: 83-1176

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F-16D 83-1176 of the F-16 Combined Test Force, 6516th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB. 


August 1989. Name on the canopy is MAJ C THUESON.

83-1176 6516ts ED KEDW 19890831 33cr


February 1990

83-1176 6516ts ED KEDW 19900215 33cr


December 1992 with AGM-65 Maverick missile training round. "My" jet... I think I only crewed her once or twice.

83-1176 416ts ED KEDW 19921223 07cr


83-1176 6516ts ED KEDW 19921223 10cr


John "Starman" Armor was the squadron Deputy for Operations and I was the Deputy for Engineering. The orange gear in the ammo drum bay is part of the MARS magnetic tape recording system for the aircraft instrumentation - all replaced with digital solid-state recorders 15-20 years ago.

83-1176 6516ts ED KEDW 19921223 08cr


Thanks for looking and Happy New Year,


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