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Heller 1/72 Warning Star

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Hi all this is my last model of 2019 and my biggest 1/72 model I have completed.It was painted with Humbrol acrylics and a big brush,I used two pots of grey paint on the beastie and had to build it on the floor because my bench was not big enough.The instructions call for H32 for the Grey but I could not find that in acrylic so used H27 instead.I know this will upset a lot of real modellers but  like I said in my last post,I am not all that hung up on accuracy.:)Its not going to win any prizes but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out and I had fun building it.Please feel free to criticize/praise.I want to take this chance to wish all of you a happy new year.








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Looks like a nice result




I think I see a bubble under one of the tail codes, you can get rid of it, or reduce it by pricking it with a pin or model knife point, and running some decal setting solution into it and dabbing with a brush or cotton swap to get the air out. 


Other wise it looks like if went together well.

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So what the shade is off a little, still a believable colour for it. Only flaw I see is the cockpit rood meeting the fuselage. Other than that she looks good, small detail.

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Photos not showing at the mo @Mohawk
I would love to see it. Have similar in the stash, but have rarely seen them built. 
Well done on completion. Sure the pics will show up soon.


Happy new year to you too 😊 


Best regards




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