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Andy's 2019

Andy Moore

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Much like last year, I've had more starts than finishes in 2019. I'd been hoping to get a few long term projects completed, but various factors towards the end of the year prevented that. At least that should give me plenty to get stuck in to in 2020.

In the meantime, and in no particular order, here's what I did manage to get done this year.


Focke-Wulf Triebflügel Interceptor

MiniArt 1/35

Part of MiniArt's new "What If ?" series, and a very nice kit. Good fit and not too many parts made the build very straight forward and relaxed, and some clever engineering of the sub-assemblies made painting a simple process too.

More photos here





Leopard 2 A7+

Meng 1/35

A re-tool of Meng's previous Lep 2 A7 release, this version represents a tech demonstrator built by the manufacturer. The type is now entering service with Hungary and Qatar, although you can't build these production versions form the box. Despite that, it's still a very nice kit.

More photos here





Abrams M1A2 SEP V2

VOIIO 1/35

This is VOIIO's first release, and they've made a really nice job of the Abrams. The kit's quite Tamiya-like is some respects, with a simple straight forward assembly and plenty of good detailing.





Oshkosh M911 C-HET

Meng 1/35

This has been a long running project for me, having been started early last year. The accompanying trailer was finished about 12 months ago, but it's taken most of this year to finish off the truck. It's turned out okay though, and I was happy to finally get it off the bench.

More photos here





Lanchester Armoured Car - Russian Service

Copper State Models 1/35

This was CSM's second version of their Lanchester AC, this time with the modifications applied to the vehicles used in Russia. Like the original release, this one makes for a really quick and easy build and is a lot of fun to paint and weather.

More photos here





Rolls Royce Armoured Car

Meng 1/35

This is one of Meng's more basic kits, and requires a little extra work to get the best out of the model. That being said, it's still light years ahead of the old Roden release.

Full build here





Renault FT-17 BS

Flyhawk 1/72

Flyhawk released their tiny 1/72 FT-17 a few years ago and I've been wanting to build one ever since. I finally picked one up this year, in the form of this updated release featuring the 75mm gun. Despite the diminutive size, the kit's engineering makes the assembly very easy, and it builds into a very nice, if somewhat hard to see, model.

Full build here





Sharotank - Russian Ball Tank

MiniArt 1/35

Another release from MiniArt's "What If?" line. A nice kit with a full interior, only let down by the grossly underscale seats which are closer to 1/48 than 1/35. I added a Tirydium Models lighting kit to illuminate the interior and headlight.

More photos here





Toon Sturmtiger

Xinshi Hobby Non-Scale

I've develpoed a love for the various Q edition toon tanks and planes that have been released over the last few years. This one is part of a new range from Xinshi, who are a Chinese online model retailer and distributor. There's no information as to who actually manufactures the kit but, since Xinshi are a distributor for Meng, I'm guessing Meng make them.

More photos here





Yanmar YT5113A Tractor

Hasegawa 1/35

This is part of Hasegawa's expanding plant and agriculture machinery range, and it's the kind of subject I love. A bit different and left field, and lots of scope for weathering.

More photos here





GOUD-4 Mouse Droid

Scratch Build 1/12

This was a quick scratch build of a mouse droid that appeared in the Solo movie. It was scaled to sit alongside the Bandai droid models.

More photos here





CR90 Blockade Runner "Liberator"

Bandai 1/1000

Part of Bandai's Vehicle Model range of small scale Star Wars ships, this is actually the Tantive IV from A New Hope and Rogue One. I painted mine as the Liberator which was another CR90 Corvette which featured in the Rebels animated show.

Full Build here





Super Star Destroyer Executor

Bandai 1/100,000

Another of Bandai's Vehicle Model releases, this one is the Super Star Destroyer that featured as Vader's flagship in Empire. The scale is tiny but the model is relatively large for the VM series, coming in at about 19cm long. It's also got an almost unbelievable level of detail.

Full build here





TIE Striker - Royal Guard Escort Fighter

Bandai 1/144

And to round out this years collection, yet another of Bandai's VM kits (I make a lot of these). This is the TIE Striker that appears in Rogue One, but painted up in Royal Guard colours for a bit of fun.

More photos here




Okay, that's the lot for 2019. Hope you all have a great New Year:cheers:


Thanks for looking




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Brilliant set of models, you've had a productive year. Dunno if I can pick a favourite although both red ones do stand out!


I love that you can't tell the FT17 is 1/72 until you read the text, it sits really well alongside the larger scale models.


All the best for 2020!



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Absolutely stunning work, amen.

The professional photography sets everything off perfectly. Really like that tractor as well! Need a model done to that standard of an old 70's Massey Ferguson combine harvester if it's possible to get one!



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Thanks for the kind words everyone


8 hours ago, Lightningboy2000 said:

Need a model done to that standard of an old 70's Massey Ferguson combine harvester if it's possible to get one!


A Massey combine would make a great model. Maybe we'll get one someday. I have got Hasegawa's follow up kit to the tractor, a Yanmar rice harvester. Quite a small thing but should look good once it's built. Hopefully I'll get it done in 2020.



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Sweet set of finished models Andy. Especially love that M911 truck !  Looking forward to what you wow us with this year !


I really wish Bandai would get to the 1/72 Tie Bomber. I did see it was on a customer feedback list someone posted. So there may still be a small chance....

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