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Hellenic spitfires Colors and makings

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Hi all 

I’m after some information about a book on Hellenic spitfires which I’ve had on order through amazon for over a year the release date kept being pushed back from January 2019 - March 19 -September 19 then to January 2020 now I’ve received an email from amazon saying that this book is no longer available from their supplier. So does anyone know if it’s been/being released at all and where I can obtain a copy 

many thanks




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1 hour ago, Vingtor said:

Have you checked MMP Books' web site (http://www.mmpbooks.biz/) - or their rather active facebook site?

Thank for your reply I’ve messaged mmpbooks via Facebook and had a reply from them there’s still a delay in a release date for this book the author is still working on it.


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