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Nicely done.....


Yep.....they are great kits.........I managed to start (and finish) one this year (a monumental feat for me !) and have another on the go right now. I may even get a third started in the next week or so.


You don't see too many of the early PF versions though so...Well Done, Sir !  

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7 hours ago, billn53 said:

Your finish is great. Please describe how you did it. 

- Bill

Used vallejo black gloss primer, with normal aluminium metal colour and dark aluminium metal colour for the odd panels.

Once glossed over, I used the Vallejo panel line accent and let it dry. Then very carefully used a cotton wool bud with a tiny bit of humbrol thinner to brush the overspill off around the edges of the panel lines.

Need to be extra careful with acrylic because it doesn’t take much for it to take the paint away. Used to be a lot easier when I used enamel paints.

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