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ArnoldAmbrose 2019 tally


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Gidday All,, this is my first foray into this part of Britmodeller, I'm still finding my way around the forum.


My first completed build for the year was a whiff I called HMS Antiope. I commenced the build in December 2018 and completed it in early January this year. The model is a modified 1/600 scale Airfix HMS Manxman kit. The scenario for the whiff was that as a fast minelayer and blockade runner to Malta she was heavily damaged, and converted into a convoy AA escort vessel. Here she is.

HMS Antiope 1943 jm6 HMS Antiope 1943 jm5


     My next completed model was the heavy cruiser HMS York, again in 1/600 scale. This model depicts the ship as she was just before her destruction in early 1941. It used an Airfix Ajax hull, turrets and funnels from an Airfix Suffolk kit, various parts from other kits and an awful lot of scratch-building, including all decks, superstructures and masts. This model I completed in very late March. Here she is.

HMS York 1941 jm 4 HMS York 1941 jm 5


     Next is my only aircraft kit in about twenty years, the Northrop P-61 "Lady in the Dark", in 1/72 scale. It was done for a GB on the ATF.

Northrop P61 GB 110


     Next are a couple of aircraft I scratch-built. They are in 1/600 scale and are quite basic. I made them as experiments to see if I could make my own air-groups when I make aircraft carriers. Still, each has it's own display stand so I guess they're models in their own right. Here they are, the Supermarine Seafire and Vought Corsair. The Corsair has the clipped wings of the RN FAA, and the close-ups show them both 'warts-and-all'. Still, they're less than 2cm long.

Supermarine Spitfire jm1 Vought Corsair FAA jm1


     My final completion for the year is another whiff, again in 1/600 scale, and is my version of Alistair MacLean's light cruiser HMS Ulysses. Like York above it uses an Airfix Ajax hull, turrets and other assorted parts from various kits and scratch-built decks, superstructures, funnels, masts and light AA weapons.

HMS Ulysses 1943 jm11 HMS Ulysses 1943 jm10


     That's it for the year I think. My current build, a battleship, isn't going to be completed in the next twenty-six hours so it will appear (I hope) in next year's tally.

Regards to all, and all the best for 2020, Jeff.

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