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1/144 Bandai AT-AT [Diorama]

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'tis the season to build Star Wars, fa la la la la, la la la la


  • Kit Manufacturer: Bandai.
  • Scale: 1/144.
  • Paints used: Vallejo Model Air.
  • Clear coats: Tamiya semi gloss and Windsor & Newton Galeria Gloss/Matt varnishes mixed 50/50ish (because I ran out of Tamiya semi gloss).

    Weathering products - Flory washes overall, AK Interactive Bearings and Grease enamel wash.

  • Aftermarket - Picture frame, rose gold copper wire, Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint (snow).  Krystal Klear for sticking down a couple of the stickers on the Snowspeeder.

I assembled these models in 2017, with a grand idea of sticking an arduino inside the body of the AT-AT, to control a couple of fibre optic strands in the chin guns, for a guns firing effect, and an LED in the "head" for the red "windscreen".  Decided to abandon that idea as it was never going to be visible, just too small an effect on the guns at this scale and you don't see a red "windscreen" lit up in Empire anyway...

...So it sat for 2 years waiting for me to paint it all and put it on a base!

Surprisingly the stickers on the Snowspeeder were as thin as decals, and didn't pose any problems, apart from a couple peeling on me...

The purists will say "that's Luke's Snowspeeder", "your AT-AT is grey".  It's not, I didn't put the specific markings on besides the grey stripes. I also really didn't fancy masking off the grey stripes on the Snowspeeder and painting them orange instead.  And, I know.  I would have preferred to have achieved that whiter grey look to the AT-AT, but I didn't, for reasons...


I was going to buy a Rebel Alliance turret from a seller on Shapeways, I'm glad I didn't as there wouldn't be room on the base and due to limited display space I couldn't go bigger/longer on the base...

Photos -





Tried to get a "person standing on the ground looking up" view with these, unfortunately they're not much different to those above as  I couldn't get my camera low enough -






Couple of photos "from above"  -






Thanks for looking.

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