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Airbrush Advice Please

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After having a break from modelling.I’m only doing figures 1/35 and 1/16 and 1/10 Busts

I have an Eclipse 0.35 which I use for Mr Surfacer 1500

But I have ordered some Stynylrez.I have an Infinity with a 0.4 set up will the 0.4 be a big enough needle size for spraying Stynylrez.

Or do I need a bigger.I know I can change the Eclipse to a 0.5 but keeping that brush for Lacquer paint.I had looked at the Iwata HP-TH 

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I have an 0.5mm HP-TH and would say it is probably too much for your target builds. I use it on stuff like 1/72 bombers, 1/48 fighters, 1/35 AFVs and so on. It will spray Stynylrez, Mr Surfacer, and anything else I have with ease, and with both types of cap. Coverage is great, but probably too great for your builds.


Your 0.4mm setup sounds as if it would perform fine, but I don't have an Infinity, so I'm guessing. 😀

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