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Defiant Decal Sheet for 2020?

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While I've been on a bit of a Defiant roll, it has occurred to me that whilst working on my Defiant history, I have unearthed quite a few unpublished photographs. I am tempted to use the pick of the bunch to produce a decal set in both 1/72 and 1/48 covering ten Defiants flying at Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, plus night fighter operations with radar and non radar fitted airframes.


The sad part is that I contacted Airfix quite a while ago in relation to the coming 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, offering them some Defiants should they wish to include them in an anniversary boxing, and they didn't respond. Ah well.


So, just testing the water - anyone interested?





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22 minutes ago, brewerjerry said:


    Any ASR aircraft on the sheet ? 

      cheers J 

There may be a possibility that a second sheet will contain ASR and Moonshine Defiants, along with the prototype and ejection seat test beds. I am certainly giving this lots of thought.

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I'm in for them in 1/72, especially if they include one flying from RAF Dyce in defence of Aberdeen. My very limited research so far would show 410 (RCAF) Sqn were involved in this for a wee bit.



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6 hours ago, BIG X said:

Hi Andy - I don't suppose you ever found a picture of N1627 or L7024 did you???

Sadly not. But I did find a press photo with Goodall and Young sat in a Defiant.  No markings visible either.

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WOW Andy - that is quite a haunting shot - Great uncle H is the only one looking at the camera - really directly at the camera.




Thanks a million for that - it is really appreciated - Steve




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12 hours ago, dogsbody said:

Anything planned for No.410 Sqd. RCAF?




NB V1110 RA-H in that scheme already features on Xtradecal sheets X72217 and X48157




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