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My 2019 Kreiger & VW builds

Pete in Lincs

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It seems I've only managed a paltry four kreiger builds this year. They were, however, great fun and very cheap. Suits me, Sir!

In March Misfit 2 hit the Sci Fi RFI section. (I'd built Misfit 1 years ago in Saudi). This is an anti gravity ship built from the old Frog Shell welder. 1/35th scale.



The Nutmeg hover tank hit the forum in June. It was the lower half of a Star Wars Slave one. 1/32nd scale.



And, what to do with the top half? Well, obviously, the Wurger Orbital Hunter/Killer. This was finished in August and is again, 1/32nd scale.




And in November it was the turn of this, the Nachtfalter (Moth). A kreiger Night fighter. Also 1/32nd scale. Parts of four or five different aircraft were used.




And somehow I found the time to build this. @Marco F. very kindly donated the shell and chassis and I converted it into a crewcab.




Thanks for looking and have a happy new year.




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3 hours ago, AdrianMF said:

Do I see Tiger parts in the Nutmeg hover thank?

Yes, those are Airfix Tiger engine grilles on the side. If they're good enough for the Millennium Falcon....

All sorts of other kits were robbed of their finest to make this and others.

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It's always a remarkable experience looking at your builds Pete (it saves buying drugs). The Moth and it's natty camo is the star of the show for me.

I've no idea what they are, but keep 'em coming.

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3 hours ago, Gorby said:

I've no idea what they are, but keep 'em coming.

There is one of these in the scratchbuild planning stage.


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