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Hello friends,


Here is the Hasegawa G4M2E “Betty” bomber with Ohka Kamikaze.  I had completed this kit earlier in the year but now I finally got around to posting the pictures.  My observations of this kit are as follows...........

1. Used “Hair Spray” technique to weather the subject.

    A. Mission Models IJN Deep green on the upper surface

    B. Tamiya Flat Black for the undersurface

    C. Alclad paint for the base silver / metal

    D. Used a moistened cloth rag to “peel” the paint.  The Mission Model green came off easily but the Tamiya flat black took more of an    effort.

2. Built straight from the box.

3. Used Eduard canopy masks for the clear parts

4. Model Master IJN Grady for the Ohka. 

5. Used Uschi bobbin thread for antenna wire.

6. Used contrasting colors to replicate replacement propeller ( starboard / right side ), slightly darker green for a replacement panel on starboard wing, masked  off a panel on the lower starboard wing, and lighter green on the fabric control surfaces.

7. Other weathering by using pastels, washes, and paint.  

8. Tamiya tape for cockpit seat belts.


References indicated that Japanese maintenance crews were required as a source of pride to keep all national markings and squadron insignia in a clean or pristine state.  I tried to reflect this with this kit.  I found the kit straightforward and simple.  Masking the many sections of the clear parts was very time consuming but the results are worthwhile.  I would recommend this kit to all. Thank you in advance for all of your comments.


Respectfully submitted,



















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