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Giorgio's 2019

Giorgio N

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Let's start posting the models I completed in 2019. This was not a great year for the hobby, as really I managed to complete only a few models. Or better, I only completed very few of the models I started while I tried to put the finishing touches to a number of models that had been languishing for too long on the shelf of doom. I really don't want to think of how long some of them had to wait before being completed..

So let's start with one of these: Hasegawa's F2A Buffalo in the markings of US Navy's VF-2. Model pretty much OOB with decals from the box. Paints were Tamiya for the yellows, with the rest from Vallejo. The model only needed to have propeller and landing gear added. To be totally accurate I should add an antenna only usedf by this unit, but I've decided to keep the model as is.








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Another model that had languished for too long on the shelf of doom... this had been started for the French Fancy GB here on Britmodeller, can't remember the year and I don't want to remember.. The Azur Koolhoven FK-58, a Dutch designed and built aircraft used in small numbers by the Armee de l'Air at the start of WW2.

Model is again pretty much from the box, I only added part of the cockpit structure with plastic rods and replaced the gun barrels with brass tubes. The kit includes resin and PE parts and is actually quite nice. Decals again from the box, unfortunately the roundels were not perfectly in register and this shows..

Paints used were from Vallejo and Lifecolor and on this model I tried to reproduce the camouflage pattern free-hand. Not sure I really did a great job with this...







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Another model that I started to take part in a GB here on Britmodeller: the MiG-21 Bis from Zvezda in the markings of the Croatian HRZ I PZO.

The model features a resin cockpit from Pavla, that required quite some work to be made to fit (it's designed for a different kit). Wheels are from RV while the pitot tube was scratchbuilt.  Paints were Lifecolor, Vallejo and Humbrol (this is one of the few models that I painted with enamels in the last 10 years) while decals came from a Balkan sheet, with the numbers printed on my laser as the sheet had them in the wrong size. Overall a model that I'd have liked to do better, but at least it's finished. I liked this kit and I have another in the stash to build in some other exotic scheme







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Now one that while it was started some time ago, was painted this year, quite succesfully I have to say.. this was posted before in the WIP section of the forum so maybe someone will remember it: the Eduard 1/72 Spitfire in the markings of MK126 of 126 Sqn. in late 1944. I called this the "Birthday Spitfire" as I re-started it around my Birthday and features a G as individual letter.

There's little I can say on this kit that has not been said, it's simply great ! Build was OOB with the only addition of seat belts. Decals came from an Xtradecals sheet that however did not have fin flashes of the correct size, so these had to come from a generic roundels and fin flashes sheet.

Paints were mainly Vallejo and Lifecolors







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Last for today is finally a model that I started and completed this year: the Academy 1/72 P-40N. This was built to test a few techniques, some worked well and others didn't...

My first plan was to test a way to reproduce a weathered US Olive Drab finish by starting with a light paint coat over which adding thin layers of pure OD. The technique worked quite well, the result does not show too well in pictures but looks pretty good on the real model.

Then I tried to see if I could reproduce the tail patterns using masks made with my Silhouette cutter to spray on decal paper. Again the result was quite good, with very little touch-up needed.

Last but not least, I applied on this model some decals made by a local shop that can do custom decal printing. Here the results were not so good as while the decals were very nice, in perfect register and with good colours, they were really too thick for use in our hobby. In the end only the number "16" on the cowling came from the sheet they printed for me. Disappointing as the white is great but really the thickness spoils the final effect. The rest of the decals came from the box and some silvered, quite strange as I followed the usual steps and used some quite strong decal setting liquids.








That's it for today, some more models will follow in the next few days

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Thanks folks ! And now for the last couple, starting from another kit that languished for many years in a half-assembled state, the 1/72 Hobbyboss Rafale C. I had started this for a 1/72 OOB group build on an Italian forum, then at some point switched subject and the Rafale never got completed until last December. I'm very disappointed with this one, I could have done much better and the kit looks good in the box but was riddled by fit problems. I also believe it's inaccurate in shape... hope we'll see a really good kit of the Rafale at some point as the real aircraft is a beauty !







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Last one for this year is a model that I bought and built only as a "testbed", in this case to try the then new for me Vallejo metal colors. Another Hobbyboss kit, this time the easy assembly F-84G, built almost totally OOB. Decals were also from the box and represent one of the best known and most colourful F-84s in Korea. For some reason I couldn't get good pictures of this one,..

What to say about this model, it's an easy assembly kit so it's hard to mess it up. I liked the results with the metal colors so much that they are now my favourite metalllics. Decals were not good unfortunately, being brittle and cracking too often... there are quite a few touch-ups on the coloured stripes.








Ans with this one it's all for the models completed in 2019. Hopefully 2020 will be better, maybe I'll be able to finish all those models that I started in 2019.... thanks for looking !

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Hello Giorgio !

Great addition to your collection !! Congratulations !!

My favourite one is the Buffalo !! Navy bird indeed !!

Well done !!



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Great models there Giorgio,.......  I particularly like the P-40 & Spitfire with its colourful cannons. Happy New Year mate,



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Nice mixture of periods there. I love the P-40 and Spit. I'm pretty sure I built the Italeri Spitfire in the same markings many years ago. I've got this Eduard one in my stash and feel inspired to start it soon!


Happy New Year to you too.

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