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CC's 2019 Yearbook , Telford year !!


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Hello Dears !!

2019 was a Telford trip year !! I elected to go up there every 2 years with my friend BS 103 ! 

I plan to make a trip next august with wifey and kids, we will see !! :P

Now;, my 2019 productions has been essentially Aeroplanes, and for the biggest part, I'll say Aeroplanes that use to land on boat....Aka, the real aviation ! :tease:

And it start with this one !!


Seafire .17 at Hal Far Malta

WP_20190115_13_07_40_Pro WP_20190115_13_14_18_Pro

On the same way, My dogs family grew a bit, When I say a bit... It's a kind of sarcasm... 

Have a look...


We rescued this Huuuge beast, Irish Wolfhound, at the time Sirius weighed 160Lbs....:doh:

And me ?? I was learning to walk with my Christmas gift... :clif:


Well !! back to models !!

And in this case, it's been a complete failure !! :hanging:

We stayed in Malta but a bit earlier 

WP_20190202_23_03_43_Pro WP_20190202_23_04_15_Pro

A recce Hurricane... But the blue I used is not the right one.... :wall:

I will Remake this one ....


The MTO family....

Then there has been a gap in my production... 

Checking and re checking my references, starting new things.... as usual !!

And we waited 'til May to see this one finished...

WP_20190514_23_08_26_Pro WP_20190514_23_09_24_Pro

HMS Thiumph, September '50 Korean war ... Firefly Mk I

And here with her deckmate....


Sooo , we are now back to equality... I mean 2 naval birds and here is the second earth linked aircraft...

Let's go near the North pole...


F-94C in arctic markings...:speak_cool:

WP_20190515_23_17_32_Pro WP_20190515_23_18_19_Pro

Then another goal for the Navy, Since....

The corsair of 2019 is a F4U-2 Night fighter :cheers:

WP_20190702_11_52_34_Pro WP_20190701_23_35_38_Pro WP_20190701_23_40_44_Pro

Then ??? 


Equality again...

Spitfire FR IX...


Both 3 are ICM Spitfires ...


Once again, the Navy take the lead with this one... Another big Beastie !!


Looking that way she look like a nice girl did'nt she ??


No longer... Toilet bomber VA-25 in Viet Nam war !!


At the time, I start to think about a Telford lunacy, shared with my friend @Martian Hale.....:evil_laugh:

3 Rocs in Telford was the name of the game, Here's the first one ...





This Roc has been used as a AAA battery at Lee-on-Solent at the time of the BoB...

Then of to UK...

@BS103 pretty happy to see this charming old Lady...



Finishing the Roc #2 in the bathroom of an hotel on the Guy Fawkes night...


Then, the great meeting was on !!

IMG_20191109_153849 IMG_20191109_163059

Can't resist to show this one once again...


Models ?? You say Models ? Ah Hum yes... We did !! Helped by the gentle @Heather Kay, it was no longer 3 Rocs over Telford... But 4!!

Here we are !!




IMG_20191110_110736 IMG_20191109_113256

Then back home... I can make the second Roc RFI

IMG_20191124_202342 IMG_20191124_202254 IMG_20191124_202539

Wow wow wow, look like the sailor's birds took the lead now... 6 to 3... It's done !!

Not really in fact since this one showed her big pointy nose...

IMG_20191206_001733 IMG_20191206_001800 IMG_20191206_001611

Eastern front, Spring 1944, H.U Rudel...

And Earth bound aircraft tried again to win with this one...

Finished on the line...


The 3rd of my Brits in Korea serie...


Spitfire family...


Well Navies 6... Earthbound 5 !!!

11 kits finished, all at 1/48 scale !

A good laugh at Telford, all in all it has been a good year but on the family front...

But that was another story...

Well gents !! I wish yo all an happy new year !!

May 2020 bring you lots of models, good health, joy and pleasure !!



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On 12/28/2019 at 11:40 AM, AdrianMF said:

Fabulous year’s worth. Telford was a great show this year, I’m just sorry I missed meeting up with so many BMers.




Thank you Adrian !

Smw 2021 ! if you see a bunch of modellers laughing a lot in the middle of an alley...

Come on and join us especially if we have bottle in hand...

That will surely be us, the usual suspects !!


On 12/28/2019 at 12:04 PM, Heather Kay said:

That’s a lot of models. Stunned I am! :clap:

Thank you Heather !

See you in 2021 ??

For the triebflügel invasion ?


On 12/29/2019 at 10:20 AM, Calum said:

great effort, love that firefly with the open canopies. Wish Special Hobby had given that option 

Thank you Callum

I used the Barracuda canopy, and only parts from the SH one !


On 12/30/2019 at 4:37 PM, Gorby said:

Nice dog, nice hip and excellent models! That Firefly is a stunner.

Thank you Gorby

Glad that you enjoyed it

The hip has been thoroughly tested in Telford !!


On 12/31/2019 at 1:14 PM, Reini78 said:

Nice collection! :thumbsup:

Thank you Reini,

Not as productive as you are for sure !!


11 hours ago, Courageous said:

Excellent work there CC.

Thanks for your liquid hospitality at Telford.

All the best for 2020.



My pleasure stuart !!

Thank you for the kind words !!

Best wishes to you and your family !!

For a great and joyfull 2020 !!


Thank you all for the support !!

Let's have more models and bantering in 2020 !!



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Great collection CC, lovely models.


Great to see you at Telford too and thanks again for the beer (hic!). I hope the dog (nice) and the hip are settling in :) 

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9 hours ago, Cookenbacher said:

What a great collection CC, the Telford Rocs were very memorable (and the rocket fuel), and I always appreciate Spit/Seafires!

Thank you Cookie, it's been a pleasure to share this drink with you !!

Now, I have 11 Spit and Seafires !! The serie start looking good !!

May be a Spitfire with stars and bars in 2020 !!


9 hours ago, John Laidlaw said:

Gorgeous stuff, CC! And so many... quite the inspiration.

Well Thank you John, Glad that you enjoyed it !


3 hours ago, CedB said:

Great collection CC, lovely models.


Great to see you at Telford too and thanks again for the beer (hic!). I hope the dog (nice) and the hip are settling in :) 

Thank you Ced

It's been a real pleasure to share !!

The dog has settle well, but it has not been easy, great need of Chiropractors since he was litteraly broken when we got him.

And he was far too fat, he loose 16lbs in one year ! Slow but better,

Now he is able to run, and we feel his pleasure when he is running, it's his nature after all !

On the hip front, it's been battle proven at Telford !!

Working well !!


Best wishes for you all in 2020 from CC Castle !!

More kits, more money and great health !!



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A super collection from 2019.  I wish I could produce as many in a year at such good quality.  Normally a Seafire wouod get top prize from me but the F-94 really caught my eye.

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Trying to remove all the OP's input which I inadvertantly included in my post.
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