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Mission accomplished

Arild Moland

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I set out to finish one model per month (on average) in 2019, and I was successful in this by finishing my 12th model today. The original idea was to primarily finish shelf queens, but only half of this year's models were started before 2019. Of the rest, four kits were purchased this year.


So, here's what I did this year.


The first model, finished in late January, was started in December 2009. This is a Dragon kit with a resin conversion from LeadWarrior and a FlaK37 from Tristar. There's a picture of this vehicle in Panzerwrecks Vol 1. This is not an Sd.Kfz. 251/17, but rather the much easier to remember Selbsfahrlafette (Sd. Kfz. 11/1) für 2m FlaK 38 auf le.Zgkw. 3t mit Panzershutz.




February saw finished the Tiger I Vorpanzer prototype. Kit is Dragon 6600 with a resin conversion from Tiger Model Designs, and Master Club resin tracks.




In March another decade old project was pushed into the finished category. Plan was to have this in a workshop setting, and that may still happen and therefore weathering is very light. Whether this Sd.Kfz. 251/23 actually was a thing, is debatable, but I enjoyed building the Cyber-Hobby kit. I lost a drive sprocket along the way, so ended up scratching the detail necessary to show it with drive sprockets removed.




In late May I decided not to throw this project in the trash which I was tempted to, and rather put it in with the rest of my 251-like models. The box says it is the command version of a Luftwaffe 251/17, but Panzer Tracts does not recognize this as a 251 at all. I'm not sure of its official designation, but it is obviously based on a 251 Ausf C.




Early June saw the next project finished, which had been at least three years in the making. A regular Dragon Ferdinand kit with aftermarket decals for the last Ferdinand built.




In July I left armour in favour of something entirely different, but finishing my Tamiya 1:12 Caterham Super Seven. The kit is the latest re-release of this kit, and I started it in 2018. I chose to finish it in red, rather than green, mostly because I had ample supplies of red on hand.




Also in July, I purchased a kit that looked like it would ruin my ambition of 12 kits in a year, as this next project dragged on well into October. However, I enjoyed building this so much, and it is rare for me to actually start and finish a kit of this size in "one sitting", so to speak.


This is Moebius's Discovery from 2001 A Space Odyssey in 1:144 scale, with a lighting kit from VoodooFX, and interior kits from Green Strawberry.




In November I finished my Tamiya Spitfire Mk IX 1:32 in French markings. All markings expect stencils are painted using Maketar masks, and stencils are HGW wet transfers. All superb stuff, as is the kit. All they good things you hear about this kit, is true.




Changing subject again, we move on to Tamiya's recent offering in 1:12 motorcycles with the new Honda Monkey 125. A fast and fun project which I finished in November.




Going back to 1:48 scale aircraft after doing the Spit, felt fiddly and weird somehow, but this Eduard FW190-A3 had superb fit. Finished with Mr. Hobby Color on December 1. Weathering is very light, and that may be dealt with in the future.




This next one I will admit I did mostly to have a chance to finish my ambition of 12 models this year, as it is a very simple project. One sprue only. But it is an aircraft of sorts, and that always means lots of sanding. Tamiya 1:48 with Mr Hobby Color.




And finally, yet another change of subject. And once more, Tamiya. This is 1:24 scale, painted with Zero. Had to get a second set of decals via Spotmodel to reach the finish line, with this fine kit. Not without its challenges, and I guess I will have to agree with those who says it is a bit too expensive.




Haven't quite decided what to do next year, but I won't repeat the "one model per month" thing.



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