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My Second Airfix Victor B.2

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I've been working well into the night on this


Intakes are done, not the best thing I've ever done but they're going to have to do.

If you're building this kit, do not glue the intakes to the wing until they're painted! I forgot I did that on my first build, so much easier.....


They look quite bare missing two of the inserts. Adding them was a definite aesthetic (and I would hope functional) improvement.



And the wings are almost ready to go on, last dry fit before they can he glued in place


Kinda like a Victor B1 in this state, short wingspan as well because I haven't put on the wingtips yet



Jetpipes now. Painted in citadel leadbelcher and then gloss coated



And I scratched the paint! Arrgghh



And finally, the Victor is airplane shaped! She's got wings now. Pegs definitely needed to keep them in place



Coming up to 2am and I'm adding the undersides of the wings. I would say to definitely add the wingtips before the underside of the outer wing section, it will be a bit awkward to do otherwise.



Half three nearly and I'm getting there with the wings...

And I forgot to mention earlier in this thread that the bomb bay is open, Airfix have moulded this quite nicely as the closed doors fit right over the open ones with no issues. Just got to not glue on a piece at the front which should build itself in nicely once there's a layer of paint on there. 



At this ima call it a night. Last wing section for this model on, at least until I start work on the flaps which I will be building in the deployed position (even though the aircraft were rarely if ever parked like that). 


I added the tail on for the picture, that'll get properly glued on tomorrow hopefully. 

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I never posted a picture of the tail itself, du here's what I did with it. Slightly deflected control surfaces based on a picture I have above my modelling desk of XL231 taxiing.



More intake work, plenty of sink marks to deal with on this kit. Oh well, still miles ahead of the matchbox kit.



Other side, I taped over the open doorway. See that piece of dust on the window? That's on the inside. I can't get it out... I might try blasting my airbrush in there (obviously no paint) or something to get it out.



Outer flaps are on, they're on the deployed position. Don't put on the inner flaps until you have the jetpipes on. You will need filler.

If you are building this kit with the flaps raised, do not follow the instructions. Read reviews and other builds to find the correct way to do this. If you follow the instructions you will ruin them.



A demanding little floofball then distracted me from modelling for a while


She is the cutest thing evveerrrrrr



Anyway, back to the model, I got one side's inner flap done and the filler needed around the jetpipes on and sanded.




Other flap on! I have the main gear legs blue tacked on to protect the flaps from damage. And oh, just saw another sink mark I need to fill while writing this post. On both the intakes on the top of the fuselage (RAT intakes?)



Airbrakes are on! I love the Victor's airbrakes! The parts I broke have been fixed.

If XH673 ends up being scrapped I might try and get hold of one of the airbrakes if they are selling off things to collectors, start off a small collection of aircraft bits. I'd be willing to pay as much as I can (admittedly not that much) for that. Although they don't look big in 1/72, the real things are over two meters long! I don't even know if I could find anywhere to put one! 



Can't wait to get this finished! I'm now trying to track down another Airfix Valiant at a reasonable price so I can build one in a silver scheme, I'm considering a bunch of 1/144 Victors and Vulcans. I'm probably also going to buy some 1/200 Vulcans (in tempted to convert one to a B.1 since they're cheap). An Airfix Victor K.2 is inevitable I think and then there's the upcoming new tool Airfix Vulcan. Going

 to be a good year for V Bomber models! 


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On 05/01/2020 at 08:17, SimonL said:

Phew, that’s quick. I’ve only just got as far gluing the wings on. Thanks for the heads up on the jet pipes! I was going to leave them to later - now I won’t!

General rule with this kit is check everything else fits before glueing a part on. 



I assembled the door but it's just blue tacked in place like the landing gear



I got the nose pitot and bomb aimer's window on. I also blue tacked on some wheels do the model stands right just for now.



Three Victors together, just one isn't exactly painted

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The stuff arrived...... But I accidentally ordered two sets of decals! Doh!

Anyone want some decals lol? I might just keep them as spares because when you're me you can never have too many V bomber decals, especially the serials.

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Wow I have gotten a lot done today! 


First thing today was apply the masks



Then paint the canopy framing black. Next up, time to prime!


These are the paints I will use for most of the model

I recommend not putting on the actual airbrakes until the main part of the model is painted... The masking is more difficult than I thought.


Primer is Citadel Corax White and the Victor doesn't fit in my spray booth, time to open all the windows!



I sprayed both sides in a repeat of my previous Airfix Victor



Photo from last time showing the same mistake


You'd think I'd have learnt....



Anyway, on to preshading. Please someone remind me to buy a new black for my airbrush, Citadel's one awful.



One strop from the airbrush at having bad paint put through it later and the top side was done.



And had to clean everything out again......



And again and then I was done.


Yeah my airbrush was not having a good day at all with that paint....



Oh well, it's a preshade. If it's messy and very rough, it doesn't matter. 



What choice of finish do I have other than antiflash? Best on a Victor B.Mk.2 without a doubt imo.



Now looking very much like my Mikromir Victor B.1 when it was primed and didn't have the camouflage on yet... except a lot, lot bigger.


And for comparison my first Airfix Victor B.Mk.2R, the first Victor I built.




And a while later the white was done.


The paintwork has revealed some imperfections that I'll probably just leave tbh, they aren't that noticeable except up close. That resin part ain't half bad for my first try with resin conversion parts. Could be better blended in but it's good enough.



A few touch ups will be needed on the airbrakes and I'm not happy with the tailcone....



I ended up removing the inboard flaps because I underestimated how hard it would be to paint he bare metal (and that it was even bare metal at all). One wheel well needs repainting, but that was from work on the intakes earlier in the build (don't glue them to the wing before assembly like I did, do them like I did them last time!)



And then came demasking the canopy


Paint was brought off my the masking tape, even though they were all nicely precut Eduard masks. I think that's no fault of the masks and more to do with using a very durable paint not designed for models on a model. Best to demask earlier before before the paint is rock solid.



And she's looking very much like an early Victor B.Mk.2 now! Very happy with this.

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Anyone know what size the roundels on a Victor were? The kit decals are 28mm which translates into just shy of 80", the xtradecal ones are 30mm which is just shy of 86"


Quite a difference

Edited by Adam Poultney
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I did the radome with a thinned coat of paint



I decided to go with XM718 instead of 715 so I can leave that one free to do a K.2



Decals performing pretty well



But still a lot of work to do


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Getting the wing roundels on. The Airfix ones are wrong, three xtradecal ones are pretty good in size. 


I love this angle from the front. Those intakes are awesome!



How many Victors can it be considered as reasonable to own?



Not many parts left now



Getting straight on with these, the door white like the rest of the aircraft and some grey parts



All 18, yes eighteen, wheels painted....



They were too clean, quick drybrush fixed that



Gear doors and that one bit of bomb bay that needed doing are done



Anti-flash white on the other side



Another mistake in the instructions here! Before the K.2 where the ladders were painted a yellowish colour I think, they were painted blue. Airfix calls for them to be painted green... Mine will be blue as per colour photos of the aircraft at the time




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Well... A crack has appeared...


Also started off the weathering process, really need to fix that crack though...



Getting very close now to completion



Ladder on, should be at an angle rather than straight down which would be what you got if it touched the ground



Just noticed how much you can see in that cockpit!

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Great work! shame about the crack though, also, sorry to bug you but there's a tiny gap at the point the canopy meets the fuselage on the last picture :winkgrin:

build looks great though, even though it's basically done, definitely following it. :goodjob:

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Just caught up on this. Lovely build kid, you’re doing a great job. I picked this kit up in a sale just before Christmas. I’m really looking forward to giving it a go after eating your work. Good luck with the fixes.



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The RFI is up now, all I've done since I last updated this is add some weathering powders made from ground up chalk pastels that I picked up from an art store I found just around the corner from my college (that stock humbrol enamel as well, shame I don't really like enamels)

Here's a few pictures, more on the RFI thread




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