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Boxing Day Scene ***Complete***

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I have now cleared the workbench for this one and collected together all the tools, adhesives etc... that I think I will require




I have also synchronized the clock on my camera with "real time" so I can use the camera as my clock.




Now we have the "Dad's Army" option of timing I will be starting on the 26th - no sure of the time yet.

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Those Metcalfe models are great. My daughter started building them for my son's railway layout but it soon became a model village with the occasional train. Building one in 24 hours will be a challenge so good luck. 


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1 hour ago, Colin W said:

Building one in 24 hours will be a challenge so good luck. 

I did a trial run with a different kit. I found the key is using the correct glue at each stage. Ordinary PVA takes too long to stick and a mix of Pritt Stick and Deluxe Rocket Card Glue seems to work best.


Nothing can be worse than PlaymobilI - imagine an injection moulded kit of well over 100 parts, each of which has been removed from the sprue and is not numbered!  I spent nearly two hours on Christmas day assembling a Police station shown as Age 4+ - that is 4+ if you have a the correct special skills, 20/20 eyesight and probably some super-human powers.

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Two sessions, total of 2 1/2 hours today


Firstly the equivalent of a sprue shot for this build




Guards lamp gives Green for the start of session 1




Ninety minutes later. All the windows fitted into frame and the main structure of first of the four sections of the building. You cannot see it here but all the figures/dog/horses have had an overall coat to their major colouy




Session 2




One hour - no more work on the white metal but the majority of the building is complete.




Tomorrow it gets tricky as the roofs and details of the buildings are next along with the start of the remainder of the painting.


By the way music today followed a theme: Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Crosby Still and Nash.

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Only one session on Friday




through to





This takes me to 3 hours 4 mins on the build. Today I will take full advantage of the "Dads Army" rule and declare the entire day as one session. Aim will be to start at around 09:00 hours and work in a number of short sessions, The reason being that the main work is painting the details on the white metal figures and I have to allow for paint drying time,


Forgot to add in the original post - music in this session was Joni Mitchell followed by Judy Collins

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Slightly late start and I forgot the lamp




and finished..




More detail about the build here and gallery entry tomorrow. When I will have better lighting


Elapsed build time 10 hours 56 minutes


However I did not time the breaks today but the time spent on the build, and listening to King Crimson and Cream was just over one hour, thud the  actual build time was about 5 hours.


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This turned out to be an enjoyable build. I have some experience of Metcalfe kits some years back in OO scale and this was the first of the newer N scale ones I had tackled. The instructions are much improved and the addition of laser cur parts also added t the ease of the build. Most tiresome element was the need to paint the edges of the cut card. Oddly enough what came to my rescue was a set of water colour paints I have got free with a HP printer many years ago.


At some point the Inn will appear on my model railway.


Thanks for the likes and seasonal greeting to those still toiling in this GB

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Thats amazing what you have achieved in 5 hours, congratulations. 

The protesters all got issued restraining orders by the local magistrate who of course always attends the hunt himself so thats why they didn't turn up.

The build might have taken a bit longer with someone having tied themselves to the work bench !

Cheers Pat 

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