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Men at Arms - 6th Hussars Trumpeter, Campaign Dress, 1812


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Here's my offering, a white metal figure, which I am hoping requires a minimum of assembly. This should leave me with plenty of time to devote to painting - hairy sticks are at the ready!


Probably start early on the 28th, and see how it all goes.


Seasons greetings to all and cheers!



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11 minutes ago, Grey Beema said:

Do you have artwork to work from?

I've got the appropriate Men at Arms book somewhere - just got to locate it. 😀


From memory the artwork in there is pretty good - we'll see!

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Great idea for a Christmas build. Remember I got the Esci Salamanca set when I was 10 and spent the holidays painting it all...

This will be good, enjoy 

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17 minutes ago, Grey Beema said:

That's what I used to base my figures on..





9th Hussar Poste Militaire figure painted about 30 years ago before my modelling powers failed me...

Very nice indeed - I won't be doing much of a base at all I think.


I've found the book, and it has a nice colour profile of the front of the trumpeter. From memory I thought there was a front and back profile, however it appears not. 😕

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Stupidly left my alarm on from yesterday (to get the turkey ready) .....:hungover:


So I made a start whilst everybody else was in the land of Nod - straight into some painting. Using acrylics from various Airfix and Revell starter sets, but I have some other stuff in reserve, just in case.


The detail on the figure is lovely - hopefully it will help as it is all quite distinct.





Time elapsed - 1 hour 31 minutes

On 12/24/2019 at 10:19 PM, JOCKNEY said:

Figure painting is something i know nothing about so looking forward to learning from a master......


No pressure  :wicked:


Cheers Pat 

Thanks Pat, I can confirm I am the Master of Disaster. 😬

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And another early start mean a bit more done. Layering some of the colours to get more depth, etc. Dropping my brother and sister-in-law off at the airport later so should be able to get properly stuck in.





Dad's Army tally 1:31 + 1:19 = 2 hours 50 minutes elapsed.

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This one stalled yesterday - No.1 son turned up unexpectedly and we have  been chewing the fat and playing board games since. 😀


Straight into the KUTA GB I reckon!



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