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Model T 1917 Touring - 1:35 ICM


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Model T 1917 Touring - 1:35 ICM

With Anzac Drivers (1917 - 1918)




I'm not really a vehicle or figure modeller, but I do enjoy popping into this forum to other peoples work. When I saw Mike's review I jumped at the chance to actually build it as I thought it would go well with some of my WW.1 1:32 aircraft builds.. Also provided for review were a couple of figures in an 'Anzac Drivers' set. The figures are intended for the Model T LCP, rather than this kit,

It is beatifically moulded with very fine detail. I build up the engine and fixed it into the chassis along with the axles and exhaust before painting, as I felt that it was simpler than trying to glue it together as pre painted sub assemblies.

I kept weathering fairly light as I thought that as a staff car it would have been well kept. just a bit of dust and a few bits of scuffing here and there.


















Better include a picture of the engine. The bonnet is removable and a very tight fit. (I see that the white dot near the fender is where I've knocked a small 'loop' off while taking the bonnet off for the photo. I'll have to repair that).



As they were designed for the wider bodied LCP kit, I couldn't fit the figures in side by side, so just used the driver. I had to remove the ffot pedals, and trim the drivers left toes off in order to fit him in. The gunner I left out will probably go in another vehicle. For now he is sitting on a dice!



It is a lovely little kit, I'll certainly be making more as I already have the Standard 'B' Liberty truck lined up for a visit to the workbench.

Thanks for looking,



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