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Hi all, i started this a couple of years ago and never got much past the engine, i have had a little break from commission work so i have spent the last two weeks finishing her off. The kit goes together very well with little or no drama and i really quite enjoyed this one.

First up was the shocks/coil overs, there are pretty basic and i did consider scratch building some progressive springs but that would take me down the rabbit hole and there is no time for that. The top rear shocks have a black wash to define the gaps between the spring coils but that is it, you can not really see them once fitted anyway, front shocks wold be washed later on, the running gear has been painted with Alclad and Tamiya Metallic's.

Next up was the engine, this goes together very well and could be really super detailed, i just ended up adding some pipe from the coolant tank at the end, other than that OOB.

Next up the chassis, i found a number of good images for this so i replicated best as.

Next was the interior, i really did not like the look of just doing the standard dark grey or black so i thought i would Kendig it up a bit, i maintained the stripes across the seats and finished with a semi gloss finish as gloss was a bit much.

Dash in place.
Ready for the shell to go on.

Painting was quite straight forward, i had along time to choose a colour and i had some nice blue shades on the shelf, base was Tamiya TS-15 mid blue decanted from the rattle can then covered with Tamiya TS-19 Metallic Blue. I was not overly happy with the stripe decals so these were masked and painted  Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White, i had considered this in the first place, really must start listening to my self. (-: 
The last step was to seal the whole shell with a few coats of Tamiya TS-65 Pearl Clear.

Next up final assembly, I will post in the Vehicle RFI forum.

Thanks for looking.



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