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Savoia Marchetti SM 55 X, Spanish Civil War, by Delta 2 in 1/72


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The third my model build within Flying Boats and Floatplanes GB II, the Savoia SM 55 X. Kit by Delta 2 (Italy). Scheme for Italian machine which was shortly used during Spanish Civil War, based in Mallorca, 1937.

The construction thread is here:

Here she is:










This increased my SCW set to 41 :) :



Comments welcome


Jerzy Wojtek


I wish All - Have a Merry Christmas!




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Fantastic model! I’m very attached to such strange flying machines, and water aircraft, and the thirties, and the Spanish Civil War period. Great collection.


On 21/12/2019 at 12:19, alt-92 said:

Those machine gun pits on the outboard wings must have been a bit awkward to sit in during patrols!

They could crawl through the wing into the fuselage.


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Thank you very much for comments.  Currently there is Dora Wings kit of early variant of SM-55, much more available then this Delta-2 short run (and much nicer to work with, I supouse). The SM 55A is announced also by Dora, and this variant was still in service in Romania during WWII - I am considering to do the second SM-55 with Romanian crosses this time...



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