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F387 Frog Avro Python Lincoln

Rob S

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OK finally got some time to log on as it's too ****** hot outside to do any more work so came inside and turned on the Air Con (stuff the emissions!) to try and catch up a bit with what has being going on on line.  


So this one started under the fantastic Frog Squad Group Build (many thanks to the Mods and Pete for a great GB) until I was rudely interrupted by having to move House which has nearly killed me or at least well and truly destroyed my Hands and to which this KUTA Build may prove or otherwise whether I can actually do any modelling with my Hands again.  If not it'll be the Mother of all Sales as if I can't work with my Hands then what's the point of having loads of Plastic Kits around?  


So here is the Reference to the previous GB Thread




And even I'll have to have a read of that to see where I am up to before digging out the Kits again and figuring out what to do next so until then it's back to the grind ... well at least not straight away as it's too nice in here and still too hot out there!  



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I see I still haven't been able to shake the "They call me [Insert Name]" tag yet!  


On the "Plus" side of the New Year I have found the Lincoln "Box" (aka the large Sistema Plastic Box everything got put in when packing up and now lives in) and there are a few cracks in a few parts from all that stretching and filling that have to be repaired as well as figuring out where the heck I was up to and what is the way forward.  


On the "Minus" side of the New Year my Hands still haven't recovered sufficiently enough yet to have a go at anything as they are still pretty rough and feel swollen all the time and one finger has literally gone digital as it has only two positions - against the palm of the Hand or outstretched and no in between as it just flicks between the two positions!  But most of all I still haven't set up a Work Bench anywhere yet (The intended Shed is too effing hot and the rather large "spare" Air Con from the last place that could have Air Conned it exhibited pathetic timing in being diagnosed as about to die on us just as we were about to move it so we left it where it was!) and the future Work Bench itself doesn't have a top yet as I was too scungy to buy what I should have bought as the top (WasteFarmers Bunnings the Thieves wanted $90 for the piece that I thought would do the job - it seems that ever since Woolworths admitted defeat and closed "Masters" after stuffing up the "Masters" counterthrust to Bunnings the WasteFarmers Bunnings Thieves have cut their Range and upped their Prices now they don't have any "Competition".  UK Viewers should rejoice that WasteFarmers Bunnings did their own version in the UK of what Woolworths "Masters" did here and stuffed up their invasion of the UK Market and admitted defeat in the UK Market but sadly destroying Shareholder value as they would have been very bad news for our UK DIY Friends had they succeeded!) to go on the bargain steel frame that I had bought for a Tener.  


So like a rain delay in the Cricket it's back to "normal" viewing Folks for the time being!  


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As you rightly say Rob, Wesfarmers got their fingers well and truly burnt  - paid £340million for Homebase in Feb 2016 and sold it 2 years later for a nominal £1 to cut their enormous losses. Probably trying to get their money back by overcharging in Oz.


Hope your hands recover soon - is this from the problems you had during the move?



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Hello Pete


Yes the hands didn't really get a chance to recover from the move as now having to set up the "new" place they have been worked to the bone again.  


Hopefully I might see some light at the end of the tunnel soon and if it's not daylight then it might be a blessed relief if it's an oncoming Train!  


Best Regards  




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  • 7 months later...

Wow how time flies!  


Seven months later. Very few days at home and so no further progress on this. Hopefully the next seven months will be better!  


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