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Sorry I know it might have been covered before.I have been priming with Mr S 1500.How ever been toying with buy some Stynylrez I know it advises not to thin and spray through a 0.4/0.5 brush 

Just wanted to ask what’s the best thing to clean the brush up after will Lacquer thinner be ok.

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Hi @Bryan71,

Others here may have more experience of Stynylrez than I, but I used it neat and at the somewhat higher air pressure they recommend (I think it was around 28 psig when flowing). I was very pleased with the results and it will be my go-to primer in the future.

I used my usual pressure of 15-20 psig for my very first attempt and that was a disaster - loads of paint accumulated in the air cap. So the higher pressure is essential in my experience.

Clean up was straightforward with water in the main part, finishing with airbrush cleaner for acrylics. I suspect lacquer thinner will not dissolve the paint, but have not tried it.

I hope this helps,


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This is what Badger say




Badger actually advises a 0.5mm or bigger needle.


Also they say to spray at 20 to 30 PSI.


They do say that thinning is not necessary, but not that you can’t do it.  When I was on a course at Barwell Bodyworks (who seem to be the UK distributer) they said not to thin it because adding water dilutes the properties of the primer.  Not sure how true that is or whether it is just to get you to use more, it does seem pretty thick out of the bottle.


By the way, I believe that Ultimate Modelling Products primer is actually Stynlyrez just with different branding.







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