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2019 output


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Hello all,


Here are my completed builds for 2019, some better than others. All are 1/48 except the vehicles which are 1/35. I started using Mr Paint this year and I'm hooked!


First up was an example of the best fitting kit I've ever made, the Tamiya F-14D, this one marked as a machine from VF-213 'Blacklions' during their last cruise with the jet in 2005/6.




More pictures here


...and another Tamiya F-14, this time an A model in the markings of VF-41 'Black Aces' during Operation 'Enduring Freedom' in 2001.




More pictures here


First armour build of the year was the old but enjoyable Tamiya Stug IV. 




More pictures here


Next was ICMs Mig-25PD, a kit I was very much looking forward to for a while. Wasn't the easiest to put together but was very pleased with the final product.




More pictures here


Hasegawa EA-18G Growler - this was my first experience with Mr Paint. Sold!




More pictures here


Tamiya's wonderful new Spitfire was the first part of my RAF 'QRA through the years' project. An absolute gem of a kit.




More pictures here


Another Tamiya kit in the form of the F-16C was next.




More pictures here


Another completion from my RAF QRA project was Airfix's Lightning, the first model of this jet that I've built.




More pictures here


Tamiya King Tiger.




More pictures here


Penultimate build of the year was one that had been sitting in the stash for years; glad to get it done and really pleased with how it went - F-4F from JG-71 'Richthofen'.




More pictures here


Finally and probably my favourite build of the year, Hobbyboss Su-27 Flanker of the Ukrainian Air Force.




More pictures here


As always, a big thanks to all those who have helped, followed and commented on my builds throughout the year and thanks to those who keep the forum running!





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Thanks all!


On 12/24/2019 at 12:38 AM, Lightningboy2000 said:

Fabulous builds there, I especially like the Ukrainian Flanker.

How did you get on with those masks? I only ask as I plan to use their mask set for the Trumpeter Su-24.



Thanks Martin. The masks worked fine, just a bit of craft needed for the bigger ones; I found cutting them in half and forming them over any curved surfaces worked well. Some of the smaller parts did lift off, but this can be worked around by pressing them down with a cocktail stick when spraying. I'll be doing the Su-24 soon myself, the instructions aren't the clearest and looks like the smallest masks for the dark grey areas will need to go on first.

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