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Mozzy’s varied year


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The year started off with AFV Club’s 1/35 Churchill Mk III.



Then I moved on to Revell’s 1/144 U-Boat Type VIIC/41 Atlantic version.



Then it was on to a Dragon 1/35 Tiger II. This was probably the trickiest build I’ve completed this year.



Now we move on to things that have wings.

First up is a Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito FB VI.



And finally for now, another Tamiya Mosquito. This one is also in 1/48, but is a Mk XX.



Hopefully there should be a Eduard 1/48 Hellcat Mk I added to this before the year is out.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone 🎅



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4 hours ago, whitestar12chris said:

Nice collection, the u-boat is a VII C/41, not a type IXC, easy to get confused.


All the best Chris

Bit of a brain fart moment there :doh:. You can tell I was browsing other kits before I posted this :D 




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