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AIMS 1/32 Gloster Gladiator sets


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Hi everyone here is an update for you all....

Decals 32D018 and 32D019 in the post to me....see pics

Photo etch 32PE009 completed and off to printers having received my kits and amended measurements from up-scaled 1/48 Roden bracing wires design

32P018 Gloster Gladiator engine/cowl - working on 3D masters now that I have the kit

Pat Pattle figure being sculpted by Elan 13 in January (not listed in Hannants Future products as not given a Cat No. yet just in case it all goes wrong haha

Upper Aileron correction - in the works (ICM have given upper ailerons same design as lower aileron - upper aileron centre hinge is small like inner hinge - not large like lower centre hinge - makes a massive difference as as things stand you are unable to locate in the correct position the aileron bracing wires just off-set from strut.

PE landing flaps - in the works


Thanks everyone and a very Happy Christmas to you all. (I am taking the Christmas family service again this year here in Hungary - my Hungarian can be rather comical so please pray people will understand me haha)


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Hi everyone AIMS 32P019 Gloster Gladiator upper ailerons correction finished, making silicone moulds tomorrow. Note that ICM represent the centre hinge just as big as the lower wing aileron when in fact it is narrow like the inner and outer hinges. Easy to fix yourself or buy mine when it is available, thanks for looking. Also 32D018 now here! £10.50. email me at [email protected] if interested.A Happy Christmas to you all and a peaceful New year to all my customers and friends


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Just received the engine, ailerons and rigging sets and they're gorgeous. I've already put the engine together in anticipation of using it on the forthcoming Sea Gladiator. No effort required there! A great improvement on the kit parts and it saves modifying the ailerons. too. Recommended. 

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