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Not a productive year for many reasons 😖


On a positive the one kit I did finish was a subject I have wanted since I started building in 1/48th and that was the McDonnell RF-101C Voodoo, the only variant of the Voodoo which went into harm's way in several theatres.


The kit was from KittyHawk, it does have a few quirks, but the end result is impressive and is definitely a focal point in the cabinet!


47967182741_6a5a58e824_b.jpgIMGP0552size by Michael Baldock, on Flickr


47967148073_b7a6077567_b.jpgIMGP0550size by Michael Baldock, on Flickr


47967127242_c21bbdf149_b.jpgIMGP0561size by Michael Baldock, on Flickr


47967181456_6b7b2dbc58_b.jpgIMGP0570size by Michael Baldock, on Flickr


Looking forward to 2020 👍




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