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TonyW builds for 2019

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It's been a good year for building again. Last year went well, with the Classic Airfix GB giving my building no end of a boost. This year has seen an even bigger shove in the right direction with the Classic FROG GB turning out to be a real corker.


The B17 Group Build saw two entries from me, Lassie and her Lads and an old Airfix B17 kit backdated as a tribute to 1940's wartime wooden kit building.









The FROG GB saw me hit high gear for a while, builds came together at a very pleasing rate. 


















During the GB I restored an original, 1939 FROG Penguin Spitfire, one of the years highlights for me...










Using the same build style used on the 1940's B17 above, I backdated a Frogspawn Whitley in a similar fashion. The new Airfix kit has seen the old FROG kit relegated to the dusty end of the stash now, but building it like this gave it a chance for a bit of glory!

Another build that probably would not have happened without the generosity of another GB regular, Heather in this case, who gave me the kit.







A rather beaten up FROG Hunter got refinished as a desktop model of the speed record plane. Very bright!




Also from the FROG GB came this Comet airliner. This one was one of those kits that just went together well throughout the build. The sum is greater than the parts here, but I'm not complaining!

Everything about this build made me feel good. The kit itself was offered up by Cliff to anyone who fancied building it, Charlie donated the polishing powder that really makes the build stand out and Mike Dean pointed me towards the support van that helps the overall look of the build no end.

S'n J polishing powder got the metalwork buffed up to a high shine.

The BOAC van is a refinished Matchbox one and the base is a bit of card with primer applied and a grid added with a marker pen.








Car models are never far away from my bench although this years output was tempered a bit by the Group Builds going on.


A Monogram PC1 Midget Racer got finished. Monograms very first plastic kit, no less. This ones a later issue, finished as the original acetate kit. 






Another Monogram, this time the Hurst Hairy Olds twin engined show car/dragster. The base was built from the kit box. The tire smoke in the second shot is cushion stuffing!






Yet another Monogram build got a bit of renovation. I built the stand years ago to show off the options available in the original Model A kit, and it needed a freshen up along with the models needing all kinds of repairs. A couple of days got things back as they should be.




I think there's a couple more I've missed, but the threads getting a bit drawn out as it is. Best call it quits at this point. All in all, a very good year on the plastic front.


I'm looking forward to next years Group Builds builds already. 




Edited by TonyW

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Nice build Tony, Merry Christmas.

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Love your models Tony, keep up the great work.


Cheers Greg 👍

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You certainly blitzed the Frog GB with all those builds! What a splendid collection, and busy year for you. Let’s hope 2020 sees more super builds. 

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Great builds Tony !!

Congrats, you did a brilliant job from these oldies !



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What a terrific year! I didn't know you had also done the car kits - very nice, particularly like the Olds burn out.




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Thanks everyone, it's been a pleasure being here.


The Xmas Blitzbuild Group Build got me building one last kit for this year, an old Airfix MIG 21. Yet another kit I probably would not have built had it not been the gentle shove in the right direction given by taking part. Crashed out in just under 24 hours total, it's got me thinking that 300 plus kits is possible in a year. Who am I kidding?


Here's the result.



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Saw a lot of these take shape as the year progressed so it’s always nice to see them (and more) again in one thread. You’ve had a good year Tony, let’s hope 2020 is even better.


Cheers.. Dave 

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