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Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish


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If no one provides any feedback about that Vallejo, I use the AK Interactive matte varnish with great success. With the big bottle you get more liquid per price than Tamiya, at least here in the US. No need to thin, right into airbrush, and spray. If no airbrush I've hand brushed very small areas which worked out  as well, but haven't attempted this with any large or flat areas. 


They have a matte and an ultra matte. I didn't really like their semi-gloss though. 

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I use Vallejo polyurethane varnishes (26.650, 26.651, 26.652) right now mainly because I have them on hand.  Like the polyurethane primers, they are temperamental to say the least.  However, given proper application (multiple light coats) and enough curing time (about 3 - 4 days) they have proven to be resilient during the decal and weathering stages.  

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8 hours ago, stomper666 said:

Can the Vallejo Matt Acrylic Varnish be applied with an airbrush?  Instructions say to brush on.





If you are talking about this one:




Then manual on page says: "Can be apply (sic) with airbrush or varnishing brush."


It also says it can be diluted with water.

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