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F-16XL-2 with Wing Tip Fairings

Old Viper Tester

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F-16XL-2, 75-0747, operated by the F-16XL Combined Test Force, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. Images are from a mission flown on 7 April 1983, possibly the only mission with this configuration. Streamlined fairings are installed on the wingtips in place of the 16S210 AIM-9 launch rails.


75-0747 f-16xlctf 19830407 26crwm


Over Rogers Dry Lake on straight-in final approach to Runway 22.

75-0747 f-16xlctf 19830407 29crwm1


Thanks for looking,


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Thank you for posting. F-16XL-2 is a future build. Have kits to do both the single seat and the tandem seat. Though I have the intention to making the XL-2 with the cranked wing and the hump on the back where the gun drum went. Again thank you.


Ron VanDerwarker

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