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Polish and Czech production T-55s from MiniArt

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Since those countries were chosen by Gremlins from Kremlin to manufacture $h..load of T-55 tanks, to supply friends, potential friends, and some undecided.

MiniArt is looking for a big, fat run of those kits. 😍

What a smart move! Now is just a race in decal manufacturing, to beat MA with their next reboxes.

Let's wait a bit, and see :-)

And wait is a word.

Some companies, like Asuka, can't supply anything to our shops. Did they bought out Tasca just to kill them?

And I'm waiting for some Shermans...and waiting 😑 So. maybe they aren't so smart,after all.



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@Das Abteilung, sorry, you did not understand what I was "saying-typing". There's no Asuka Sherman kits on any of hobby shops in Australia.

Some time ago, there was "a hint" - we are small etc, itd, regarding developing new kits. Yet, they don't care to supply any of their existing stuff.

Does it mean, they took over all Tasca moulds, yet they don't have enough money to produce enough sprues to be able to supply Australian market?

For some, unknown reason, I had the idea, that the more you're sold from existing stuff, the more you'll get to develop NEW stuff.



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No Asuka kits in shops in Australia is probably down to the shops not buying the stock rather than Asuka not supplying.  Their kits are expensive anyway and if there is no official Oz importer then shops would have to import themselves at Asian retail prices and pay the taxes with little profit.  Any of those stores could take on the role of being the importer.  It seems to be very much the same here in the UK.  Hard to find and expensive: £50+ is normal (A$95+).  The same is true for many other brands.  I routinely buy from stores in Poland, Germany and Ukraine because they stock products not available in the UK, or only available at inflated prices.  I have even bought from BNA Modelworld in Oz several times.


Asuka have the problem of being essentially a single-subject company. M4s, M4s and more M4s, with a couple of exceptions like the Luchs.  Having a wider subject range would increase their brand appeal.  Otherwise brands like RFM, Meng and Takom will march in and steal their M4 crown with products that are just as good, if not better, cheaper and more available.


Anyway, we're hijacking a thread on non-Russian T-55 kist here.  Availability of brands in different territories is perhaps a new thread.

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I've had only a quick look in the box of my friend's "Polish T-55". It is full with sprues to the brim! All of them are packed in a big bag, then you got all sprues in their own.

No opening bags, short time, he's off to holiday places. Anyway, I was looking through the instruction booklet (outside of the parts bag).

Looks like this kit is following path of themselves (Mini Art) , or Bronco - "If you can make a separate part of this - do it!"

There are extra brackets for underside of front fenders, 😐

And each one should be primed, painted and weather according to the specific area operations of your chosen subject. 😅

Wish you luck boys!



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On 12/22/2019 at 11:23 AM, BobboT said:

The box art for the polish T55 is very African. Camo colour on tank looks Rhodesian. What painting guides are included with the kit?

Rhodesian scheme is one of those included 

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