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Spitfire Mk I early 1/72 Tamiya

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21 hours ago, noelh said:

There is a well known series of photos of 19 Squadron taken on a press day in May 1939. While most have both upper wing roundels, some have only one and at least one has none at all. WZ-T had only one.

Thanks for the pointer Noel! Did I miss the post before, sorry, not paying attention! I will have to study my references and see if I can find the photo.


But I never knew about only one roundel, I'd assumed, wrongly it transpires, that Airfix made a mistake with their graphics... so you can imagine what I did with my Airfix WZ-T :blush:.


Ah well, a bit late now. I could remove my extra roundel but I'd probably mess up the whole wing! I'll just have to assume the photo was taken halfway through painting the roundels on and it probably got added later. I made the Airfix Spitfire which is fairly simple but enjoyable kit and it's hard to say looking at them which is the better, probably the Tamiya - the panel lines look better for starters. And I think Berto has done a better job on his. I could add a pic of my Airfix attempt at WZ-T, but only if @Berto says its OK as it's his RFI thread which I have no wish to hijack!



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Johnson I think you'd be safe to assume that the roundel was painted onto the wing shortly after the day of the press review. They probably made a maximum effort for the day. Dragging half finished Spits out of the hangars. 





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Great job, I must build an early Spitfire, I keep saying this but never get round to it.





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Hello friends,


I am glad you like my work. I think you're right with the canopy, I haven't noticed it before.


On 12/8/2019 at 7:46 PM, 72modeler said:

Whoo, boy- that's a beautiful Mk 1! As the others have commented, that's a very attractive scheme. Not meaning to re-ignite the conflaguration, but that Tamiya kit looks pretty darned good to me, and the colors look spot-on. What paint did you use, if I may ask?



@Graham Boak- just curious; would the wheel bay on the wing painted in night also be the same color? I know the part of the bay in which the strut lies would be aluminum, but what about the rest?

Everything is painted with Gunze C paints.


19 hours ago, Newbie(kinda) said:

What they all said about wheel well colours (should, I think, match the under wing on each side) and canopy shapes (should, I think, be the very early not-at-all bulged type) but, BUT what a super build and a stunning finish. The more I look, the more I find things to like. May I ask, why build the 1/72 Tamiya kit rather than the Airfix version from which you took the propeller and decals? Was it the flash suppressors on the guns, the option to do an open canopy and finer panel lines (I've never built this kit)?

There was only one reason which was the quality of panel lines, as they are finer in Tamiya kit.


Best regards,


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