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Life Miniatures 1/10 Rommel

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And as soon as the female Russian tank crew was finished I started Rommel, not wanting to try planar again blah blah😁.

So hes painted with Vallejo acrylics following the Life Miniatures free pdf.


I painted the torso first, that's the easier bit, had to repaint the scarf as I mucked up the highlights, then the cap, then finally tackled the face, a lot harder this time with 6 colours.



Again I had a great result at Telford. 



Then silver at Bugle call





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:clap: :clap:


Can I ask how did you do the goggles?


Are they a clear part or just painting effect?





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Scarf wasnt a problem really, just no coffee involved or anything to give me the jitters, took my time and used thin coats of paint, problem was overdoing the highlights and having to repaint it

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