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1/144 - Beriev Be-200 Altaïr by Zvezda - released


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3D renders





Good news for our 1/144 scale fans! Beriev Be-200 amphibious aircraft kit renders are ready and we want to show them! Panel lines and some other small details will be added later!



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That looks rather tasty indeed!

Not my scale, but will happiliy buy one as it is very sensible for diplay cabinet size.


Also, the 160 White Swan is really tempting as well!


Well done on bringing out kits like these! Very interesting topics.

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Hope the decals are a bit better than those issued with the Amodel 1/72 version which were absolute rubbish. Talk about 'disintegrate when wet' !

So was the set Amodel replaced it with - the self-same set !

Hmm, see they're Zvezda prints, should be ok.


Had to resort to the technical wizardry of a fellow modeller.

Despite that, it's a lovely looking aircraft.


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On 7/4/2020 at 1:07 PM, roginoz said:

Hope the decals are a bit better than those issued with the Amodel 1/72 version which were absolute rubbish.

I built the Amodel Be-200ChS in 2011 (blimey! is it that long ago??) :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_be-200.html


I didn't have any trouble at all with the decals - in fact I wrote a magazine article about the build - and wrote:-


The Amodel decal sheet is very well printed by Decograph – with dense colours and good registration.

Only one marking option is given – the first production machine for MChS, coded RF-32767. This plane (ex RF-32517) carries the name of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, major general of aviation Vasily Rakov.

The decals went on beautifully with no hint of silvering even without the use of setting or softening agents.

There is a slight hint of translucency on the forward MChS ‘star’ (called a Windrose) – where it lies over the underlying orange and blue stripe and the front vee shape on the stripe does not quite meet up with the radome.

This latter problem may mean that either the stripe is slightly too short, or I have not painted the radome correctly.


You must have had a bad example..???


Sorry for the thread hijack - but I had to come to Amodel's defence on this one.



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I thought the same, @Flankerman Ken, until the replacement set performed in the self same manner. Your build was the inspiration for my buying the kit and I noted in the article that you had no decal problems.


I don't have the replacement decal sheet so can't tell/remember who was the printer.

Having built a number of Amodel kits, this was the first I've had problems with and it seemed so out of character, but it certainly hasn't put me off building more ! Amodel needs no defence from me !  :o}



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