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Archer vs. HGW rivets

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Hello everybody,

I’m starting a 1/48th  Revell CH-53 and I’d like to reproduce the rivets on the fuselage. Both Archer and HGW make them in resin on clear decal film, but I’ve received an unsatisfactory feedback from a friend of mine about the HGW item.  Has anyone of you ever used Archer rivets, so that you can give me a feedback on them?

Thanks in advance!


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Lorenzo, I did something very similar with a 1/48 Seaking, using HGW rivets.  They took a while to get the technique right, but once you’ve got it they are absolutely superb.  I did consider Archers, and have heard good things about them, but for my purposes they were considerably over-scale: I riveted the entire airframe in the end

The rivets start at about p15 and go on for ages, not least because I ended up doing a lot of them twice.  It’s a lot of work... but it is worth it!

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