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Seat Harness in US-built multiengined aircraft in British service (especifically, Mitchells).

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Hi, gentlemen,


In the process of preparing an Airfix Mitchell II for building, I have come up to this question. US-built single engined aircrafts, especially fighters, in British service, regardless RAF or FAA, have their seat harnesses invariably replaced by Sutton ones. I assume it is a safety measure, the pilot evacuating the plane amidst air combat uses what he is familiar to without further hindrance.


Nevertheless, I have not found such evidence regarding multiengined machines, bomber or transport aircraft. Would the same rationale apply, or the requirement would be less stringent somehow?


Thank you to all,



(once in Nairobi, once in Port-au-Prince, now safe at Buenos Aires)

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I can’t speak with any authority on the Mitchell but I have a photograph of a Mustang lll with the standard US harness installed. I tend to think US harnesses were left in place as they were simple and the inertia reel was installed on the seat. I’m not sure how Sutton’s inertia reels worked. Maybe the “Q” was compatible with US seat anchor points. Interesting topic.

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