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Red Flag 83-2: 16th Tac Reconaissance Squadron

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RF-4Cs of the 16th Tac Recce Squadron, 363rd Tac Fighter Wing out of Shaw AFB, at Nellis AFB for Red Flag 83-2, January 1983.



66-0470 62trs SW KLSV 19830129 27cr



66-0473 363trw SW KLSV 19830129 02cr


66-0473 363trw SW KLSV 19830129 24cr


66-0476, still wearing the old "JO" tail code

66-0476 62trs SW KLSV 19830129 29cr



67-0465 62trs SW KLSV 19830129 30cr



Had some additional input on these jets. The 363rd was in transition for a couple of years before this event, slowly transitioning from a recce wing to a fighter wing: 

  - The wing was redesignated as a Tac Fighter Wing in 1981

  - The 62TRS was transferred to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB in 1982. The 33TRS was inactivated in 1982 and her RF-4Cs were either consolidated in the 16TRS or sent to the 67TRW at Bergstrom AFB.

  - The 16TRS gave up their red and black/white checks tail band for the red tail band previously used by the 62nd in late 1982.


F-16 squadrons began being assigned to the 363rd, the RF-4Cs were retired in 1989, and the 363rd assumed the identity of the 20th Fighter Wing 1993.


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