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Colour scheme/decals for Mil Mi-8 recovery helicopter?

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They seem to vary from the images ive seen, do you have a particular mission in mind? 

Few links below, some images of landings between 2011-18, and i spot at least 4 different paint jobs!









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Thanks.  Looks like there are at least two different variants of the Mi-8 used.  Both are available in 1/144 and 1/72 scale.  Now where to find a small scale model of the Soyuz descent stage?

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I've found a 1:35 scale model of a landed Soyuz capsule on Shapeways.  I contacted the designer and he has kindly now produced CAD drawings for 1:72 and 1:144 scale versions, so I've just got a really nice 1:72 scale one.  


Not cheap at nearly £25 once you add the postage.


There are numerous 1:72 scale models of the Mi-8T/Mi-17 Hip which seems to be the version used in most more-recent missions.  Whilst the Revell/Italeri and HobbyBoss versions seem to be the most popular and both reasonably priced, both would require aftermarket decals and crew and all but the most recent versions would also need empty weapons racks adding as well.  According to Scalemates, the offering by ARK models is based on the Hobbyboss mouldings, but includes the necessary empty weapons racks, pilots and a good choice of relevant decals needed, all in one package.  The disadvantage is the price of more or less 50 euros once you add the postage.


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