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1/32 Sea Harrier FRS.1

Icelandic Fine Art

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Afternoon all,

  Alan has provided me with a photo update on the 1/32 SHAR FRS.1 and has asked if I would mind posting it for him;


1/32 SHAR





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13 minutes ago, bentwaters81tfw said:

Oooohhh More progress. Very nice.

Slowly getting there with all the parts, I have to run a complete check on parts fit; with the 3 d printed parts, the modeller will have to Dremel out some internal material as the original parts were slightly under scaled to fit everything in. Modellers' have requested the 3d printed parts over the conventional resin parts. The landing gear is also 3d printed and have inserts for metal rods, which the modeller will have to supply on their own initiative. All the clear casting is complete and requires sanding of the gate blocks to remove the excess resin, the clear transparencies are ultra clear. The only other point is that the use of clearfix is required for the camera lens on the starboard side and there is a small gap under the front canopy where some putty is required to restore the correct profile. Once all the parts are accounted for, the biggest headache is doing the documentation to show how it all goes together but in all honesty, one could put this together without too much effort, I can and I am not even a good modeller. This is a garage kit and not main stream, so is suited to proficient modellers who are looking for something unique. It's unlikely any kit maker, in my life time is going to release these sort of subjects.


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